Thursday, March 08, 2007

Movies Day!

Well well well...

Just finished our mid-term exam yday and got dragged by MYoong to go to MV for movie. Reason?

Muahahaha...because Sim girl's gang will be going out wit Daniel and in order not to look obvious, she asked me to go too.

I don't know whether I should be happy or sad la May Yoong.

Anyway, Ken joined us too but Sim girl, Elaine, Anna and Daniel have to take bus while MYoong and I followed Ken's car. Felt super duper bad ok because Daniel is Ken's cousin but he has to take bus.

The paiseh-ness is indescribable <---sounded a bit kua cheong I know

So, the actual plan is to watch Haunted Spirit but only 5pm slot is available. But Daniel and Anna have class at 4pm. So, we switched to watch Lady Iron Chef instead.

(Sim girl's china friend came to join us too, making it 8 ppl in total)

The movie Lady Iron Chef is ok. But I find that the scripts and storyline kinda gave me a deja vu; like I've seen it before in Steven Chow's movie. It's funny here and there but the storyline is quite bad =( and the movie is so-damn-short!!!

Celaka trying to con my money!!!

Not wanting to give up the Haunted Spirit movie (Sim girl's friend said that it's damn nice), we bought the midnight slot on the same day itself.

Called Jordan and MFai to join us for the midnight movie too but they rejected because they are afraid =_='''

I teased MFai saying that guy shouldn't be afraid of ghost because I, as a girl, are not afraid. Then MFai replied, "KJ also scared lor. U don't say him!"

Leaving me speechless for 3 seconds T_T (3 seconds only la..ceh... XP)

Because many don't dare to watch horror movie, thus, leaving the 6 of us (me, chong, sim girl, myoong, ken and daniel) syiok sendiri.

Ken is a gentleman la. He came all da way from Kepong to fetch me, sim girl and Daniel (3 of us lived in PJ) before heading to Bangsar to yamcha before the movie ;) But I need to say something.... the yamcha is suppose to be 10pm but Ken is so fantastic that he overslept!!! 10pm oni he woke up...

Fantastic. Manyak bagus. Excellent. Muahahaha....

We actually joined Jordan, MFai, Mun Wai and his friend to yamcha together. So, I think late also nevermind lor =P Jordan's friend is soooooooo freaking tallllllllllll.....He's even taller than Timmy and Edward! Amazing...

(Yea...U can guess it, I've forgotten his name =_=''')
So, talk about the Haunted Spirit movie, it's super duper uber freaking sien and not scary at all!!! Want me to summarize the whole movie?

Ok, it's more like a porn movie.

Yes, the movie is rated as 18PL but I think it should be 18SX instead. What kind of horror movie that doesn't have any ghost or any scene that can scare me??? I'm a pro when it comes to horror movies ok! I loveeee horror movies and I've watched a few movies in the middle of the night, all alone in my room.

Of course I feel scared to sleep la after that. Normal what =| But syiok ma =D

Chong and I actually laughed while watching that movie. Damn hilarious especially the part where that uncle (who is supposed to vanish that witch/spirit) said..

"Where are you???"

"I demand you to come out right now"

Wahahhaha....Wtf??? He was actually grabbing on that witch/spirit and the next minute, he lost her. Laupek la that fella..... Go fly kite la.

After watching the whole movie, I finally know why Sim girl's friend, who is a guy, said that the movie is nice. Not because it's scary but because it's something that guys will enjoy watching it XD

There's a part where the girl took off her shirt, ready to have sex with the angmoh but she covered her boobs with her hand. That's when a fella sitting behind me shouted,


So funny that Chong and I kept laughing non-stop!!!

See, told u that guys will enjoy watching it ^.^

So, Ken fetch the 3 of us home and after dropping Sim girl, I thought that of the 3 of us should go to Ming Tien to yamcha since Daniel sleeps very late at night too. But we didn't in the end. Pity Ken gotto drives home so late at night (2sumtin am d) ma.

I tell u, the way Ken drives is so damn hilarious!!!!!!!!! Hard to describe it here but Daniel & I laughed so hard in the car. Damn blur and funny la Ken! Muahahaha... Come to think of it, I can still laugh about it up until now ^.^

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