Friday, March 23, 2007

Makan Lagi!!!

Woke up quite late today (12.30pm) because I watched the Dicey Business yesterday till 4.30am =_='''

When I looked at the clock, I had a shocked because I thought that I am suppose to fetch my brother back from school and I'd overslept. Rushed to brush my teeth and only to realized that my dad will be picking my brother up instead.

Za dou.
Really felt like going back to sleep *blush*

But I went to pick up my relative in Newtown at 2pm, who came all the way from Singapore to "pai" my grandpa for Cheng Beng tomorrow (wahhh..time flies!)

(Nope, the actual Cheng Beng is not so early. We are suppose to do it 2weeks earlier because this year is my grandpa's first year. Don't ask me why. I really don't know this kind of stuffs.Call me banana! Whatever..)

I really really miss my aunt sooooo much! She's a really humorous and nice person. So glad to meet her after a year. (actually, her sons all not bad looking lor XD sshhh...keep this as a secret! Too bad all her sons didn't come this time ='()

By 3pm, went out again to pick my uncle and aunt who come from Seremban, also for the same reason.

Skipped the dinner with relatives but went for buffet steamboat with friends instead at Yuen's Steamboat, Sunway. Well...

Ken came late+LDP jam=Super late+hungry!

Thank goodness Jordan they all arrived early. Thus, once we arrive, we can start eating d XD Suddenly, life is so beautiful isn't it?

Here are some photos taken and I seriously don't recommend people to save it because some are quite blurry due to moving. So, just have a look will do la ;)

Guess this (that thing in brown) looks like what?
Hint: Something that u need during emergency and to prevent from creating a new 'life'

Just in case you still don't get it, Jordan is so kind enough to show you clearly in another way =>

Meng Fai and Jordan kept playing with it. Which I think guys will like it more than girls do =_=

And Jordan clearly LOVES it!!! Wahahahaha...

Sylvia -> MYoong -> Lilee

Meng Fai with his first and second wife.

Ken refused to take photo with YHui and the photo of me, YHui and Sylvia turned out to be blurry. Cannot see the face clearly and since it's midnight/morning now, I don't want to freak myself out.

Sorry ya YHui for not showing your face here =P My face is not here as well T_T

The funniest incident happens to, of course, Jordan!!!

People who had been to Yuen's Steamboat should have know about their famous chicken wings right? Because it was sooooo hard to get, we were kinda like 'waiting' for the lady to bring in the chicken wings (we were seated at 1st floor).

So, due to MYoong's "powerful and chunted" eyesight, she saw a lady carrying a tray of brown stuffs and tells Jordan to go to the food table immediately. Jordan dashed over and waited happily for the lady to come.



We laughed out so loudly (esp me) and causes many people to look at us.

So, in order to save his face, he took a few pieces of kuih and that chicken wings coffee jellies before coming back to our table. (Seriously, I kept laughing while typing this part XD)

Jordan is forever the joker in our gang la. Forever so humorous!!!

Anyway, we got our long-awaited-chicken-wings the following round and we were all sooooooo excited and started eating non-stop. Here's the proof:-

And yes, no photo of me and YHui! Sorry again ya YHui =(

We started eating at around 7 something and by the time we left, it's already 10pm (correct anot?)!!! Super can eat right? Actually MFai ate the most XP Opss...did I said that?

Because it was still early, we (the 7 of us) refused to go home. So, MFai sent Lilee home first because she got curfew at 11pm while the rest of us waited for him at MYoong's house.

Went over to Nirwana for "tea" until 12.45am (you know what, because the 7 of us have to squeeze into 1 car, Jordan has to sit at the car boot! So pitiful!!!) and discussed a bit bout EeLian's bday on next Friday. Sigh...come to think of it, it's pretty hard for us to go since it's at night and in KL. Moreover, they wanna go clubbing!!! Lagi impossible d...It's like, mission impossible lor cuz I came back late today.

We shall see what Anna says on Monday first la. Ohya, about that 'type of guy you'll like' ques, just don't take it so seriously la. I don't even remember what I've said other than that short guy part =_=''' I might say that I like tall+gentleman today. Then tmw it'll be pimply+humorous and handsome+sissy the next day and so on. So, just wanna let u know that my preference changes all the time. Don't be shock if my future bf is fat+sissy+hot tempered+abusive k!!

Conclusion is, all based on feelings la right? Hahaha... U can't be sure of things in life ^.^

Ok, gonna sleep now because 2hours later, I gotto wake up to prepare to go to Nirvana. Real Nirvana this time!

Nite lor~

p/s-that freaking lizard seriously scare the *hit out of me lor. Almost have heart attack!! I have weak heart wei. Hope I won't get another shock next time T_T

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