Friday, March 23, 2007

Lousy Clip

MYoong requested to watch the video that we took in Bangsar Village yesterday (after our lunch at Nirwana). Actually I was quite paiseh to put it here since it was taken merely for fun and I even decided to delete it yesterday.

But did not in the end because.... MYoong wanna watch it =_='''

But come to think of it, my face wasn't even in there!!! So, no harm after all ;)

So, here's the lousy 41 seconds video taken and never ever cross my mind to upload it in my blog. (Promise I'll take a better video clip next time k?)

After that got to rush back for the QBM class by our "wonderful" Dr.Ben =_='''

Actually I don't really like the Bangsar Village's new phase. Too quiet and nothing much for me to buy because I am too poor to afford them. I mean, seriously too quiet the stuffs there are WAY too expensive.

You know la. I'm poor ma T_T

Unless I got a rich parent or a rich bf to pamper me la...
(It's obviously a joke) because I don't crave for branded clothes =)

I am poor ma, remember? =_='''

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