Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I am soooo lucky!

I went to Digital Mall a couple of days ago with my brother because he wanted to buy a Nintendo DS for himself. So, we parked our car at the Jaya Supermarket and before crossing over to DM, I went to buy Seventeen magazine at the myNews stand.

When I pay the money, that Chinese guy attached a Starbuck voucher along and whispered, "this is specially for u".

Which I thought it was those discount or 'Buy 1 Free 1' kinda voucher.

So while waiting for my brother, I took out the voucher to have a look. I was quite surprised that the voucher wrote, "Free any beverage in Starbuck"!!!!

WHOAAAA... lady luck IS smiling on me ^.^

Therefore, before we left to collect our car, I went in to Starbuck to redeem my free drink.

To be honest, I thought the free beverage is somehow, standardize and the size is set by Starbuck. But then I was told that I can get ANY beverage at ANY size that I like.

Super happy.

I got myself Frappucino Ice Blended-Java Chips, the biggest size 1 (who would be so stupid to ask for the smallest size 1 right?)

Wa mia favourite Starbuck ice blended ^.^

Come to think of it, my magazine only costs RM6.00 but I got a free beverage worth RM15.50 (exclude tax) in return!!!

Now I'm smiling.... ^.^

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