Friday, March 30, 2007

Cheng Beng

There is always something or some tradition that should be passed down to the younger generation. For instance, I would say that we should carry out the Cheng Beng activities every year.

Last Saturday I said that I'll be going back to Nirvana for Cheng Beng isn't it? So, I presume some had never been to Nirvana before, and are curious how it looks like la. Therefore, I'll post up some photos of graveyards Nirvana (actually no matter what also I'll put up those photos =_=)

It was also my first time carrying out the Cheng Beng activities in my 19 years of life. What to do? My great grandparent's graves is in Hainan Island!!!

My hp cam make the pic looks fake. Gomen.

First, upon entering into Nirvana, you'll first reach a place for prayers which I called it as 'Main Hall' because those Buddhas were placed there. Directly opposite of the Main Hall, you'll see a very beautiful waterfall and dragon with Guanyin sitting on top of it.

Guanyin on top of the dragon.

My grandpa's grave is located at the top of the hill. Well, I was told that the cheapest grave is located near the entrance/bottom of the hill and the higher it gets, the more expensive it is because the higher the ground, the better the fengshui is.

Once I asked my mum how much the cost of my grandpa's grave and she told me it amounted to 6 digits (sorry, I forgot the actual amount and too bad, she's already sleeping now). Well, due to respect, I don't want to question my mum by asking her 'why dad and uncles are willing to spend so much money on grave (land+tombstone)?'.

Imagine, I can own a Fairlady with that amount of money =_='''

Ignore my maid la paiseh. She's such a poser. Btw, the place big mou?

Well first of all, it was expensive because of the high land+good fengshui. Another thing is, we bought a huge land and the materials to build everything is imported goods +_+ Speechless..

The beautiful scenery.

The fengshui sifu said that my grandpa's grave is facing the mountains that looks like a pregnant woman. So, the fengshui is super duper good.

The land beside my grandpa's grave is still vacant.

Stairs leading up to the tomb.

Because it was extremely sunny that day, we requested the Nirvana workers to bring us 6 huge umbrellas!

Actually, I suggested once to my dad about buying a table and a few stools (whatever it is called) so that we can sit over there (like the pic below).

Taken from people's grave =_=''' Paiseh..

Dad said it'll occupy a lot of space and it can't fit all of us, so no point.

Fine lor T_T

Offerings for my grandpa.

My grandpa 'eats' and we eat as well. My relatives brought lots of food over like nasi lemak, sambal sotong, dumplings, roasted pork, pineapple, cakes and etc. We had our brunch there.

Everyone was eating happily and my uncle bought each of us an ice-cream each from the ice cream vendor (I didn't lie! There IS a fella selling ice-cream there). All of us were clearly enjoying ourselves because we at least, have something cold to eat on sunny day!

Burning some 'hell money', clothes, food, car and etcccccccc...

Initially, the weather is really hot and sunny. The next minute, it rained heavily! Causing us to hide under those umbrella for half an hour (thank goodness it's only half and hour!) and was soaking wet.

I really wished that my grandpa's grave got roof lor. At least we don't need those ugly umbrellas to shelter us from rain.

You all might say, "Wah Wan Yian, too much lor! Where got people build roof for grave 1. So kua cheong meh! It's not like you are going to live over there also".

Hahahaha... There is indeed, some people building roof for the grave!!!

See, they are constructing a roof!

Actually, there's another attraction in that place.

If my memory serves me right (heard the story last year), back then, there's this very famous female singer from Hong Kong. Many of her songs were so famous that it lasted up until now, and young fellas like us even know about her songs.

And this great/legendary singer is called...

Bai Guang. (if u pronounce it in mandarin, the Bai=white and Guang=light)

It seems like she loved Malaysia very much and even married to a Malaysian man. Thus, she settled down here and retired from the music industry. She insisted that if she dies,she wanted to be buried in Malaysia.

And here we are, the legendary singer's grave in Nirvana, Malaysia.

In order to remember her famous songs, they built this stone like piano.

Originally, when you step on a pedal, her songs will play automatically. However, lightning strikes the piano many times (so cheh!), causing a huge amount to repair the damage. Moreover, too many people were stepping on it, also contributing to the damages. Therefore, they removed the pedal and now, her songs will keep playing (3-4songs I think) over and over again.

Erm... It's quite scary and giving me a chill.

Well, because I don't know the name to her songs, I can only hum a little bit of it =P

(Sorry ya MYoong. Promised to show u the photo of my grandpa's grave since last year. I've forgotten actually XP)

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