Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Take Care

Sometimes, a simple celebration with friends can be very heart-warming.

We celebrated Florence's birthday in advance because she'll be leaving to Australia this Saturday.

Initially, she invited CTho, PYi, YMan and I out for yamcha only. She said that she wanted Teng to come along but think that it's impossible because Teng lived in Puchong.

So, in order to make her happy, I tried my luck and succeeded =D

To top it off, I even called our 'clown' CHowe along because he never fails to crack up jokes to make the atmosphere lively. Last minute call, but succeeded as well!

Teng & I went to Secret Recipe and bought a slice of Chocolate Chips Walnut specially for Florence before heading straight to Island Cafe in ss2. (Island Cafe is called 'Chui chui sui' aka blow water in Canto)

Yes, I wanted to visit him in the pharmacy that he's working in but decided not to in the end for fear that I might send out the wrong msg to him. I kinda regretted now =(

Whoaaa...I really loved the atmosphere in Island Cafe there even though the drinks aren't cheap. I forgot what I ordered but it's damn nice!!! It's RM6.50 la...

On that night itself, Florence was so so so surprise to see Teng and CHowe came!!! CTho and PYi brought our 4eva busy YMei along too! So, it was double the surprise she had. Steve came last min too!

So, from 5 people became 9!!

How nice~

We had so much fun over there when CHowe is around. It has been a loooong time since I laugh till my tears drop. Imagine how funny everyone is!

After that we went to the ss2 park across the road to kap chais for a walk plus doing some crazy stuffs right over there!! With those guys playing basketball!!! But I doubt that they saw our actions anyway. Sorry la...I always can't control myself when Teng is around XP

Finally, we went over to YMan's house to collect angpau *blush* and we turned her house upside down, laughing and screaming away, took loads of crazy and ugly photos and etc.

Seriously, when you are with a bunch of crazy people, you can't be normal.

In the end of the day, I can see that Florence is really happy because she laughed till she rolled on the floor many times O_O''' Well, that's what I wanted to achieve that night ;)

Florence...always take care of yourself ya. Don't forget my koala bear ok!! I want real 1, not those plush toy ah~ I'll always miss you!!

p/s - so many people owe me so many photos. Jordan, YMan, cousin Evenly, Un. Ronnie and bro, faster send me those photos ler!!! I can't wait liao...

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