Monday, February 26, 2007


This is a bit old but I find myself in a big dilemma when YHui asked me these questions a couple of weeks back.

"Would you choose a fat or a stick thin guy?"

=_=''' It's like super hard to choose because I don't want a guy who is obese nor anorexic. So, I decided to choose fat because I can at least force him to go on diet (so bad because no one can force me to go on diet =P). I don't feel secure to have a bf who is so skinny that I got to block the wind or rain for him (like what Fat Tin did) instead.

Second question asked...

"Would you choose a person who is shorter than you or the face full of pimples?"

=_=''''''''' This question is even worse. Don't plan to choose at all in the first place. But, just for the fun, I'll pick guy with pimples lor. Because you can cure the pimples on the face but you can't make him grow taller by this age now =/

Whatever it is, I am not interested to be in a relationship now. Stupid fella caused me to be mentally exhausted and therefore, I need a break. Single life is fun ok!!! ;)

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