Thursday, February 08, 2007

Li Lee's Birthday

Time to report about LiLee's birthday~

In fact, Li Lee is the first person to have so many small birthday celebrations...

We had dinner on the 26th of Jan at The Curve to celebrate for her again (bcuz the bbq party is mainly for MYoong). I wasn't suppose to be there =_=''' all because I went out on the evening and I knew for sure that dad will be pissed if I go out again until midnight (plus I have been going out pretty often lately T_T).

Haih... I asked for his permission just informed him that I'll be going out again and will be back pretty late at night.

=_=''' Imagine that killer stare he gave me.

Quite scary lor... T___T

Anyway, Jordan, Sylvia and I were the earliest to arrive and we went to Borders to kill time. We pretty much enjoyed ourselves reading some 'celebrity gossips' magazines and drooling over some hot actors' poster.

MFai, you came damn late ok!!! We should have punish him that night... Aiks... Wasted!!!

Finally, we chose to dine in Sakae Sushi!!! *yummy*

Lilee is promoting MFai's sashimi

It was also my first time eating raw salmon ^.^ Brave or not? Actually I should thank Sylvia & Lilee for encouraging me to try it. Well, it tasted like cod fish I would say =) Yummy~

These 2 super yan oi couple =_=''' Believe that they both ate that much?

I hate it when the skin tone on my hand look obvious T_T Shows that how dark I am now

Our bill. Cheaper than Sushi King & Genki Sushi (I think).

After dinner, we went for a walk and took some photograph ^.^

These 2 guys are learning how to pose. Not bad la for newcomers ;)

The Curve were being decorated with lots of beautiful cherry blossoms.

Yes, this is what u call 'a thorn among the roses'. Hahahah...

Pretty isn't it? I meant both the cherry blossoms and us >.<

Next, we went to Lilee's house but before that, we fetched Sylvia home first due to her curfew. I am considered as budak kampung because it was my first time going to Lilee's house (countless times for MYoong, Jordan & MFai lor T_T yer...).

Her house is super big ok! The moment I stepped into Lilee's house..... her Apple (dog) freaked me out T____T I was expecting small Apple lor.Didn't expect it to turn out to be a huge Apple instead! The name managed to deceive me. Apple is even bigger size than Longma =_=''' Bigger than us too!!!

Well, Lilee proudly showed us the bouquet of flowers that MFai bought for her. So, we make MFai to pose like this for photograph...

Longma...marry him bah...

Malaysia version of S.H.E =_=''' Obviously it's a joke...

Finally, the clock strikes 12 and I wished her Happy Birthday plus a big big hug to her! (Happy or not? Purposely stay until so late just to wish u leh =D)

We even went up to her room to play chor tai dee!!! Her room is so spacious that I think 8 ppl can sleep in it. So, next time we can stay overnight at her house d! Muahahaha...

Left Lilee's house around 12.45am and fetch MYoong home first before me. Reached home around 1.45am like that and dad was asleep!!! Phew~ Mum is still watching tv and she won't scold if I come home late because she said that I'm old enough to take care of myself ^.^

How come my dad doesn't think that way huh? Haih... =(

Last but not least, is the celebration on Wednesday (31/01/07).

Since Sim girl, Anna and Ee Lian didn't get to celebrate LiLee's birthday on Friday, we decided to buy a small cake for Lilee to cut & to celebrate together with Anna they all.

Small cake but nice ;)

They are like cutting the wedding cake ^.^

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