Monday, February 19, 2007

Chinese New Year - Cho 2

Had the same old celebration for the Chinese New Year where we had reunion dinner on the night before CNY and cho 2, where my aunt will be back to join us.

On cho 2 as well, cousin, bro and I went to 1u to watch Protege. I tell u, I've never seen so many people crowding in GSC 1u like that day before. Damn kua cheong. Took 1 hour looking for carpark and 1 and the half hour to queue to buy tickets!!!

What to do. Sien ma since my cousins were all too young to play with us. The eldest 3 mai decided to go watch movie instead lo. Initially we wanted to watch Mr & Mrs Norbit but my bro had already watched it. Too bad.. gotto watch Protege cuz Lady Iron Chef was fully booked. I don't really like that type of violent show though.

After movie, rushed over to my uncle's house for steamboat dinner and lion dance =_='''

It started with choi san yeh giving out red packets to adults and sweets to kids. Funny part is when my younger bro was expecting red packet but got sweets instead! Wahahaha... Tai sei for looking younger than his age =P He was always mistaken for being a kid.

Followed by lion dance of course! The lion on the right is trying to do break dancing.

Freaked me out when this fella suddenly ran towards me =_=''' He actually wanted to shake my hand. Za dou...

The best part is, when u pay double the price, you not only get 40mins of the lion dance, you'll also be entertained by the show put up by them.

The lion is stepping on that boy (Sorry la. Don't what it is called. So, I shall call him as 'boy' then)

That 'boy' is trying to sit on the lion

But he failed.

Finally, he succeeded.

Moral of the story is, don't give up so easily especially when you are doing something naughty.

I pitied that guy who has to carry that fella on top. He not only has the hardest job of all, he also has to smell his partner's butt =_='''


We actually came home pretty early because on the next day (cho 4), we have to go back to Johore to visit my mum's relatives.

It's in Segamat, not Batu Pahat XP

Super duper tired to have 1 day trip down to Johore. What to do, I got class on Wednesday!

Kiamsiap HELP...

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