Saturday, February 03, 2007

2 Weeks to Chinese New Year!

It's already February! 2 weeks later will be Chinese New Year d!!! So excited and happy ^.^ So, whose house can I go to collect angpaus? Can't come to my house this year because of some reason (some should know why).

However, chor 3 and chor 5 I won't be at home because chor 3 I will be back to Johore while chor 5 I got to visit my grandpa's grave in Nirvana. Time flies isn't it? Without knowing it, grandpa had already passed away for 1 year (02/02/2006).

But the thing that I don't understand is, since he passed away on the 2nd of Feb (chor 5 during CNY), how come we go back to Nirvana on chor 5 instead of on the 2nd? Sigh... I really don't understand all this kind of Chinese customs and beliefs la.

I had already make appointment with secondary school friends to visit their houses. So, what about college friends??? YHui, can come to your house or not? Shun pin get my palm reading by your dad ma XP Jusk kidding...Don't ask me to go to FRIM in my new clothes k? =_='''

Erm, maybe we can pay a surprise visit to MYoong, Jordan, MFai, Lilee, Zixian, Irene, Soo Wen, Sim girl, Chong and Ken's house? Hahaha...Be prepared!!

Teng, I confirm will be coming to your house d. Better chain up your dog and prepare 5 stars meal for me ya~ Feel like visiting CHowe & MShing's house as well =P

See how la by then... ^.^

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