Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Purpose of Blogging?

Since there's nothing happening lately, I got nothing much to blog.

So, here's a short 1.

Don't understand?

Stretch the corner of your eyes to read it ;)

Get it?

It reads "No Sex causes Bad Eyes". Amazing isn't it?

Another thing, I realized that many people who blog now are to gain popularity; not to keep their friends updated =_=''' They are trying REALLY hard to gain more hits counter to become "popular", yes, behind the computer rather than in real life. But, the thing that I don't understand is... is it really happy and satisfying to have many anonymous readers who read your blog and (perhaps), never care to come back again?

Hahaha...I also want to know how it feels like.

Too bad I can't because my readers are all my friends ^.^ And am proud of it even though my hits are not high (not meeting ppl's expectation). I admit and I don't care because what pleases me is not by those numbers of visitors (those are just dead figures anyway) but rather, when my friends commented and discussed about my entries whenever we sat down and chat.

I mean, really, that make my day! =D

Because it shows that they are paying attention to what I'm writing.

Moreover, I don't like to repeat things over and over again. So, if they read my blog, that makes my work easier as I don't need to keep repeating the same thing like no ending =/

Best of all is when my friends complimented that my blog is entertaining to read! That feels like winning lottery~

Actually, what I'm really afraid of by having too many anonymous readers is because they tend to criticize on what u write, your grammar mistakes, your look and etc. I hate it when I can't write what I want in my blog and it's hard to ignore those harsh comments by people each time you blog.

There's this young teenage blogger in Spore who kept receiving harsh comments on her English language (which I think it's alright even though there are some minor mistakes) each time she submitted an entry. Damn sad. I mean, she's only 17 years old and people expect her to write in perfect English. They too, criticized on her look and her style of blogging which resembles Xiaxue's.

I don't wish to be in her position at all even though her daily hits are high. Because there will forever be somebody out there who hate you as you can't make everybody to like you.

However, I would be happy if more of my high school friends read my blog =/ Too bad most of them don't online. So, I'm forced to keep in touch with them through smses, phone calls & yamchas T___T That made me poorer every day/week/month!

Those who have many visitors daily, keep up the good work! ;) It proves that there's something in your blog that attracts people to read (of course, I wouldn't know if you are promoting your blog madly la).

Have some originality. Offer something to your readers rather than copy & paste from somewhere else ^.^ Howe, yours is exceptional k?

I am definitely NOT directing this to any of my friends!!! It's my opinion based on those random blogs that I had read in the past months. What amazed me is that they can just come out with many many ideas on how to promote their blogs!!!

Fuiyoh.. pui fuk, pui fuk~

It's ok, it's not wrong, it's not against the law. Just do what u like ;)

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