Friday, January 26, 2007

Prelude of the Barbecue Party

Here's a bit of the preparation we did on the day before MYoong & Lilee's big day.

We (me, Lilee, MFai & YHui) went to Tesco (near The Curve) after our tutorial signing on Friday to buy groceries for the barbecue. It was last minute just to make sure that the food is fresh! (ok ok..trying to cover up something here =P)

The shopping was fun as we were pushing the trolley around, looking at the items 1 by 1, grabbing anything we wanted and choosing the cheapest item to buy. It's really fun when u do it with friends.

There are many funny things happened but the funniest would be the part where MFai chose to buy Tesco cola to try instead of Coca-Cola just to save some money/to try (Tesco cola is only 99cent while Coke is around RM2).

He even demonstrated how to choose a sweet and juicy watermelon (taught by a sales girl in supermarket when he went shopping last time). And you know what, he failed miserably. Hahahaha...I will tell you why when I blog about the barbecue party later.

MFai & Lilee paying for MFai's watermelon ^.^

We, with our cart. Seems like I have low blood pressure in this pic =_=''' (Lilee, if u want this pic, let me know)

Thank You MFai for shopping at Tesco~

Finally, all came to my house while waiting for Jordan to have lunch together in Aman Suria. Everyone was so impressed with that uncle's (who sells wantan mee) marketing skills. We further discussed about the barbecue's activities to ensure that it'll be a successful 1.

Well, it was perhaps the longest and latest lunch we ever had together.

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