Saturday, January 13, 2007

Out for the Whole Day

My outing is always great when I'm out with my beloved cousin sister. I love her very much, be it her sense of humor, sense of fashion or anything!

So, as usual, she asked me out for movie+shopping for the Chinese New Year clothes.CNY is only a month away! Yippie~

She came to picked me up at 10am sharp (she's never late =_=''') and our first destination is suppose to be Summit USJ. But the funny thing is, she expected me to know the way there and vice versa. I totally forgot the way there because it has been ages since I've been to that complex. Moreover, my dad always took shortcuts to Summit. Turning here & there, losing my sense of direction.

In the end, we took the wrong turn and ended up in IOI Mall (Puchong) instead. Girls are still girls I guess =_='''

However, IOI Mall turned out to be better than I thought! *wink*

I remembered I've been there once many years ago and there are not many shops available that time. Now, they have quite a number of well-known and branded shops around! And it's a food heaven too! SOOOO many restaurants for you to choose from. Opposite of IOI Mall is Binary College. So Teng, I bet u always lepak in IOI Mall d ;)

But the bad thing is, the complex isn't open till 10.40am +_+ 1u opens before 10am ok!!!

However, I enjoyed my shopping over there and spent more than RM100 in 2hours (bought 2 shirts). Can vomit blood now. Extra points are added because they have Elianto cosmetic shop. But I refrain myself from buying anymore cosmetics because I had bought a lot lately+I seldom use it now since college had started =(

Next, we (finally) arrived at Summit. I never like their parking over there. It's really dark, dirty & decrepit. Was so afraid if any rapist (I did mention earlier that I'm afraid of rapist =_=) or robber are hiding over there, waiting for new victim.

Well, nothing much in Summit actually. There are so many Malays and Bangladeshis around the place which make the place rather unsafe if you shop alone T_T There's one kept following us, asking us to buy a very ugly shirt that he's selling. Well, even though it's only RM10, still, I'm NOT going to buy it! Chinese saying, 'tuk ngan tuk pei'(poke eye poke nose?) if I bought it for "charity".

However, I bought a white top from the Thai bazaar over there ^_^'''

The 3rd destination was Pyramid. Shopped around and this time, I managed to refrain myself from buying anymore clothes *clap clap* My cousin sister bought heels from there and I wanted to buy too! Kept telling myself to tahan...tahan...tahan...

Damn pitiful.

Watched The Guardian in Pyramid. At first, it wasn't so convincing that it's a nice movie because I've never seen the preview of it. Surprisingly, it turned out that the cinema (for that movie) is almost full house! Except for the first 2 rows in front. (Beh song 1 thing. How come they (TGV) charged us RM11 for a movie? Yer...TGV in Pyramid is not as nice as the GSC in 1u but the price of their tickets are higher!)

The show is fantastic!!! Kinda like the TVB drama, Always Ready (by Ekin Chen, Linda Chung, Charmaine Sheh, Bowie Lam & etc). Oh, I forgot to mention that the movie 'The Guardian' has Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher in it. I have always like Ashton's comedy film because he's really funny and I like funny guys ;) Well, after watching this movie, Kevin Costner will be added to 'My Fav Actor' list!! Love his acting and love his body *drool*

Anyway, I won't do any review just in case u all wanna watch it. But, this is no doubt a nice movie which I would recommend you all to watch it.

In the end of the day, super duper tired & sleepy.

Now, who's interested to watch Sukob (horror), Lovewrecked (comedy), Kungfu Mahjong 3 (comedy) and Night At The Museum (comedy) with me? I can't seems to find kaki to watch horror movie with me though =( What's so scary about it? All acted by human what ^.^''

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