Thursday, January 04, 2007

I'm A Sheep??? Blue Color Somemore! =_='''


You are Blue Sheep, who has a gentle and soft atmosphere.
You give favorable impression to many people.
You have inner strength, and give an impression of very intelligent person.
You are not cautious to opposite sex.
Although you don't push your point, you are very sociable and modest.
You also tend to be calm and will not yield in so easily.
You have strength not to show others your weakness.
You can objectively assess the other person's movement, and can tactfully make the situation favorable to you.
You can use this skill to help men be successful in life.
You can display your skill in drawing up a rational plan, but sometimes you take on things without much thought and regret it afterwards.
You should be careful about this.
You put great priority on economic side of everything.
You show interest in savings and can take good control of household budget.
Your stubbornness may affect your love.
But once you get along well, your relationship has a possibility of turning into heart-to-heart communication.
You are good at reading other people's mind and taking in charge of things.
You have weak point in maternal instinct.
After getting married, you tend to be over protected to your children, and may become obsessed with your children's education.

O_O Quite true wo!!! But not all la...

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