Thursday, January 25, 2007

I'm Lovin' It

I was so regret going back to college after a fun day out to Petaling Street and KLCC yesterday. But we were also too tired to continue to shop in KLCC. Damn, should have go home instead.

Anyway, those blue roses in Petaling are still as beautiful as ever. But it is pretty pointless to buy them myself though. But I doubt that 'he' (super duper kayu) will ever get it for me. Tell him will be meaningless then.

Hahahaha... I'm not hard to please, just a bit of effort is enough to make me happy for the whole day ^_^''' But I know he won't be reading my blog anyway.

But, they are seriously soooooo pretty!!! Yes, it's true that pink or red roses are better, but I always think that blue look special and different; which is cool! ;) Purple color are nice as well.

I don't mind receiving roses from girls too! But better from guys ma isn't it??? Hahaha...

Fuiyohhh...I'll be damn surprised if a guy suddenly send me some blue roses!! Add points d that time XP (I know it'll never happen. But it's nice to dream isn't it?)

So guys, when are we going to Petaling Street again? Make sure it's at night time because I don't want to risk myself of getting sunburn. Muahahaha... Actually, there's nothing much to see during the day time ler =|

Well, I wanted to blog about the barbecue party that we had last Saturday in Anna's house. Too bad I haven't receive any photos from YHui yet. She can only pass it to us on Monday/Tuesday.

Awww~ Can't wait to see those photos. It was a great and fun party!!! More like MYoong & my day instead =_=''' because 'they' were there...

Ok ok... I need to thank Meng Fai for helping me!!! Jasa anda akan dikenang buat selama-lamanya~

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