Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Great Year, 2007.

Happy New Year!!!
Welcome 2008! Welcome.

Like what my friends said, we shall end and start a new year with a bang! I did! What about you?

Anyway, here's a little recap of what I did for the year 2007. It's a little bit scary as how time passes so quickly -_-'''

(I can't remember clearly and so, it was all based on the photos that I have with me. Also means that I might actually missed out some events that happens in 2007)


- May Yoong's 20th Birthday party. My first barbecue party with college friends.

- Li Lee's 20th Birthday at Sakae Sushi, The Curve.


- Aunty became lady boss. Was invited for her shop grand opening in Sri Hartamas.

- First Chinese New Year visiting to friends' house.


- My first ever "porn" horror movie, Haunted Spirit -_-'''

- Went for steamboat at Yuen's Buffet Steamboat, Sunway with college friends. There's a few funny incidents by Jordan remember? XD (Hint: Chicken wings and car boot)

- Free Starbucks coffee by an unknown fella.

- My first Cheng Beng in my 19 years of life.


- Won first prize for Clinique's beauty make over for the first time.

- Spent a night at Country Heights Resort in Kajang. Love that place a lot!

- Celebrated Jordan's 20th Birthday. That was my shortest hair in 2007.
- Redang trip!!! Omg... what a memorable trip! (Day 1 & 2, Day 3 and Day 4)


- Sim Wei's 20th Birthday.

- Meet up with my long lost friends after 5-6 years of absence.

- A sudden and emotional drive down to Port Dickson -_-'''


- Class gathering.

- Anna's farewell dinner.

- One and only karaoke session in 2007.


- Sylvia's 20th Birthday.

- Yoke Man's convo; the first convo I've ever attended. Teng and I ended up camwhoring on our own because YMan was busy that day.

- Started working and got promoted twice in 2 months time. What a luck!

- First time trying Shabu Shabu.

- Brother flew off to Australia.


- My 20th Birthday with college and secondary school friends.

- Got labelled as Malaysian-Chinese T_T

- Crazy shopping with Teng.


- Yung Hui's 20th Birthday Celebration.

- Timmy's 21st Birthday bash.


- Went to Pavilion and Pyramid 2 with Teng.

- Celebrated Tsu Lynn's 21st Birthday.

- My first ever business in college. Indeed a very good experience for us.

- Xiu Yuan's 21st Birthday =)

- Had my most stressful exams ever! I have never studied that much in my life before, seriously. =_='''


- My cutest gift ever. Given by the most important man in my life.

- Sim's 21st Birthday party.

- Dinner in Puchong and first time visiting to Teng's house after knowing her for almost 10 years -_-


- Second trip with college friends to Genting to eat steamboat. (Day 1 and Day 2)

- Eye infection for the first time in my life.

- First time shop in Klang -_-

- Queued for 45mins just to buy the famous J.Co donuts +_+

- Phan's 20th Birthday.

- Out with the girls.

- Christmas eve barbecue party with college friends.

- Went for Christmas party.

- New Year countdown party at Tsu Lynn's place. (Will blog about it later!)

And last but not least...

I finally permed my hair after saying that I'll do it for more than 3 years =P In the photo above, my right eye got infected, which is the third time in this month.

Now I wonder what awaits me in 2008, the year of Rat =) Hopefully we'll have more fun, trips, outings, parties and etcetera together!

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