Thursday, January 11, 2007

Fresh Start

Alright, college had started and I'm pretty excited about it. Timetable for this third semester isn't as hectic as I've expected anyway, having classes from Monday to Wednesday only.

On top of that, there are a few new faces in the class too, which I kinda didn't expect that from the 3rd sem. First week of college is always fun and relaxing as we don't have any tutorial classes yet which is compulsory for us to attend.

As a great start of my new sem, MFai was SO NICE to invite KJ over for lunch with us in Mid-Valley on Wednesday. But the bad part was, I didn't get to meet A****** there T____T

Anyway, the 8 of us (me, Sylvia, MYoong, YHui, Lilee, MFai, Jordan, KJ) had asam laksa and nasi lemak in JUSCO. As delicious as always ^.^ The best part of the lunch is when we talked about the funny things that Jordan did back in our Langkawi trip. Edward came to join us as well.

Next fun things is I took up a half an hour (or less) drawing lesson from YHui (thank u my friend). My purpose is to cheer my brother up by leaving him some notes of encouragement because he hasn't been happy lately ever since his school had started. Well, I'm not good in drawing anyway. YHui took 1 minute to draw but I took atleast 10mins to do it =_=''''''

My hard work ok!!! At 1st YHui drew a mangkuk hairstyle. I asked her to change it because my bro might misunderstood that I'm trying to say his hair like mangkuk O_o

Became a middle person too this week, to sell second hand books around to friends. I still need more books but couldn't find any. Of course there are no commission at all. Doing it purely to help friends only ;)

One of my msn friend said that my cheek (in my display pic) looked cute T_________T I think he's trying to say that it's fat!!! To guys, cute=fat isn't it? Sad case...I think he's just trying to be nice although he said it's really cute =_=''' In CTS, the word cute is so vague.

Well, after this semester, we will be majoring in different courses. Thus, we might not be that close anymore. Therefore, we shall plan or do something memorable and fun!!! So that we could look back at it in future and say, "hey...that was fun and memorable!!!" (must take lots of photos too!!!)

Like...erm...bungee jump???

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