Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Face Transformer

I found this very interesting website. It's a site where you upload your photo and they'll transform your picture for you.

Warning: Images might be frightening if you are reading this at night, because I freaked myself out too!!!

This is what I've uploaded...

And this is what I've got...


First time I didn't say a baby is cute


Please tell me that I looked like Monalisa in this pic...


This might be the ugliest Caucasian you've ever seen =_='''

Manga Cartoon

Never thought I have such a HUGE pair of eyes ^.^


I had always wanted double eye lid. Good this~

There a lot more for u to try/play. Well, others are really really ugly. So, I better not scare u people anymore.

Ok, enough of scaring ppl for now. Interested?

Here you go...

You better thank me for this

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