Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Barbecue Party

Here's the late entry of the barbecue party + MYoong's birthday on Saturday (20/01/07).

Well, initially our plan was to give MYoong a surprise by having a barbecue party at the playground opposite her house. So, since it is suppose to be a surprise, we (more like me T_T) lied to her by saying that we'll be going out for dinner in PJ instead. Sorry ya MYoong...

However, luck wasn't on our side. Jordan & I are suppose to leave our house early to set things up at 6pm. However, when I were about to leave my house, it rained heavily. Feeling lost, Jordan and I need to think of a new plan because Anna went to Subang for some business and she might be late!! (Having the party at Anna's house was suppose to be our back up plan)

Jordan is the first to arrive, at 6.30pm. I came 15mins later and the rest came past 7pm. "Important meeting" were being held in my car with representatives from each cars (Ken, representative from his car and MFai from his. Ok, those representatives can be considered as drivers also la +_+)

Final decision? The 9 of us comprise of me, Lilee, MFai, KJ *wink*, Ken, Jordan, Daniel *wink for MYoong*, YHui and Sylvia went yamcha first to wait for Anna to come home.

Gay har, gay har..

Anna finally called to say that she's about to reach her house and thankfully, the rain became lighter. So, we went back to MYoong's house to pick her up.

In Anna's house, Sylvia and YHui dragged MYoong up to Anna's room so that we can set things up and prepare things downstairs. It was also my (together with Longma) first time cutting a huge MFai's watermelon with a blunt knife!!! Super duper difficult to cut lor ok!!! Better say the watermelon is sweet!

Halfway through, I realized that I forgot to pick my mum up from work!!! Was quite late and I got to rush like mad to UH (luckily got no police. phew~). Finally, picked Sim girl up from Bahagia station and back to Anna's house.

Hard work leh. Look at the amount of sweat on Jordan's head. Wait, isn't that my mini fan???

Snowing leh...Romantic right? (zixian, left 1 is KJ lor. Right is Daniel, which belongs to MYoong. Middle that 1 u can ignore la...Hahaha)

I wore skirt simply because I didn't expect to squat to barbecue T______T

Almost zhau guong tim...

I asked Chong to barbecue a chicken wing for me. But he asked Phan to do it. Worst of all is, the bottom part of the chicken is not cooked and he refused to admit that his skills is bad!!! No wonder when I had the first bite, the chicken wing tasted weird! That part aside, the chicken wing taste good! Jordan did a good job in marinating those chicken wings! *clap clap*

To be honest here, this party includes Lilee's share as well because her bday is only a week after MYoong's. Initially we wanted to give her a surprise as well by not telling her. But since she kinda know about the plan, we just let her know lor...

Lilee was so kind. She didn't mind for not having anymore surprises and yet, she helped out with the groceries (in Tesco remember?), cut the bread and watermelon with me in the kitchen, arrange the food and etc. You tell me la, how many girls can be as nice as her???

2 sau sing luis. MYoong on the left and Lilee on the right ^.^

The night isn't complete if u didn't take pic with the bday girl. Didn't know that Jordan kacau from behind!!! Scary la wei~

Our family portrait. (Jordan, I'm gonna chop your hands d!!!)

Daniel was kinda forced by us to sit next to MYoong because we wanted to make MYoong happy but he's shy pulak. No doubt, they both looked good together isn't it? ;)

By 12.15am, most of the people had already went home leaving just me, MYoong, Sim girl, Jordan, KJ, MFai and Anna.

Hahaha...This is the best part of the night lor. We basically talked about everything and had a good laugh. We even tell KJ about Jordan's embarrassing moments in Langkawi and all of us laughed so hard. MFai became very playful too!!

We cleaned the place and left around 1.15am if I'm not mistaken. Fetched MYoong home first and then Sim girl in ss4 (or was it ss3?). Reached home around 1.45am. Hahaha...totally broke my driving curfew but thank goodness dad didn't scold XP

In the end of the day, I received smses from friends thanking me and all sort of things. Made me so happy because I felt that my hard work pay-off ;) I don't mind going through all the troubles (not too much la of course! I'm not Superwoman) as long as everyone is happy ^.^ That's what life is about right?

Happy 20th Birthday to May Yoong~ U looked super duper gorgeous that night!!! ;)

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