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2006 - The Year That Was

Goodbye 2006, Welcome 2007.

Happy New Year everyone!

Time to have a new resolution for this year? Nah, tak boleh pakai la for me. Last year my resolution is to reach 165cm. In the end, my height still remain the same despite.... Aih, forget it!

Well, like what I did last year, I shall reflect a bit on what I did for the past year, the year of 2006 ok? Since I can't remember all the things that happened last year, so, most it would be based on the photos taken. (Hint: That's why we must take lots of photos to refresh my memory!)

Beware: This will be a LOOONG entry!

January - Celebrated Li Lee's birthday (26/1) in Strudels and May Yoong's (19/1) in McDonald.

MYoong enjoying her bday cake

Those were the days.

February - Went to Yoke Man to eat cookies and Wendy's house for gambling during Chinese New Year (2/2).

Cookies in Yoke Man's house are so yummy! Picture of me in Wendy's house is only available in Photobucket and I can't access into it)

On the same day, a bunch of college friends came to my house for the first time for CNY and it's also the day where my grandpa passed away. First time feeling so upset and took a long time to get over something.

Had Valentine's Day with a bunch of friends who are single *wink* and enjoyed myself very much.

High tea+dinner with friends in Friday's.

Went to pub with college friends for the first time

Perhaps, the worst pub I've ever been to =_='''

Celebrated Hui Teng's birthday in advance (25/2).

At Yuen's Steamboat, Sunway.

March - Went for Trolak Camp (3/3) and it's the best camp I've ever been to. Everything is nice and fun about the camp especially the last night we had in Timmy & Ashraff's room with a bunch of fun & crazy ppl.

I miss Ashraff ler =(

HMC's third batch for the camp!!!

Spent the longest having high-tea with a bunch of girls (19/3).

Went to see LeeHom for the second time (19/3).

First time celebrated a birthday just between me and the birthday girl (24/3)

Shen Ling, the birthday girl in Swensons.

April - Accompanied a friend for audition for the Astro Talent Quest in Holiday Villa Subang (16/4) where I met the previous year's winner. After that, we went for a big function in Pyramid Convention Centre where I saw our Miss Chinese Cosmos 2004, Lee Sze Kei. Very pretty in real person ;)

Tried steamboat porridge for the first time (17/4).

And it's super delicious~

Went to Pulau Ketam (19/4)and it's nice to experience the slow and peaceful life of the villagers over there. Had so much fun in this small island!

Koon, me, Yvonne, Reuben & Yung Hui.

The Crab Island

First time working in such a grand, big and important exhibition (27/4) where the securities are extremely tight. First time working with more than 30 over people (from our company alone, exclude staffs from other companies) and I have been seeing our Deputy Prime Minister, Najib, everyday, for 4days straight.

The exhibition is called Defense Services Asia (DSA) where the exhibitors come from all around the world. It claims to be Asia's largest, world's second largest exhibition.

I think here are only 1/3 of the staffs working at the exhibition.

We, sitting in front of a tank.

The girls working in DSA are one of the best I've worked with so far. My job is Exhibitor Surveyor, where I hand-out any notices or booklets to the exhibitors. I too, have to receive complaints from exhibitors and report it to my supervisor. First time interacting with hundreds over foreigners and they are extremely nice people!!! Got handsome angmoh sumore. So, extra points are added XP

May - Joined California Fitness for a month with college friends and I befriended with most of the staffs there except for... T_T

Started my First Year of Degree in HUC.

June - Went to Ipoh, 'meeting' my grandpa (3/6) through a medium after he had left us for 4 months.

Had an unwilling and most embarrassing tour (18/6) ever to a bread factory called Silver Bird.

That stupid tour.

Not to forget World Cup fever. Went for Germany vs Argentina match (30/6) in Hartamas with Jordan, MYoong, Chong, SAnne & Timmy. But, we had a better car 'show' instead.

Everywhere also full house.

July - First time playing ping-pong (5/7) with bare hand, postcards and files =_=''' Photos available in Photobucket too!

Celebrated Sylvia's birthday (6/7).

Chocolate Chips Walnut ^.^

Missed the Bon Odori again (14/7).

Celebrated Manpreet's birthday (19/7).

Photo looks blur because Uncle is a bad cameraman +_+

And SooWen's birthday on the 26th. Actual date is on the 20th.

So many ppl came!

August - Another funny outing to Yu Ai restaurant (1/8) for tomyam with a bunch of friends who is 24/7 noisy ^.^


Family. Tsu Lynn joined us too!

My birthday at PJ Seafood Restaurant (11/8) with secondary school friends.

Kena bullied for the whole night T_T Felt a bit bad for not calling some other friends to come because I don't want too many to come. I only wanted to celebrate it with those I'm close with.

I'm the first to start the trend of cutting 2 cakes!!

Birthday round 2 with my lovely college friends (14/8) at Mag & News Cafe.

Did many crazy things but I was unfortunately sick on that day.

Irene's birthday (18/8).

After class, she changed into the dress we bought for her.

Wore skirts (21/8) for the first time to college.

Phoebe's gang kena dragged into the pic too!

September - Another memorable trip with college friends to Langkawi & celebrated YHui's bday too (18/9-21/9).

First time went to Pudu station and also taking a night bus with friends.

At Sungai Perak rest area.

First time yamcha at 5am at an unknown place with nobody around.

First time climbing so many steps of stairs. Feels like dying halfway through.


First time seeing the sun set. Beautiful~

First time seeing so many eagles in my life.


I love Tanjung Rhu Beach a lot!!!

Went to the new Jusco in Seremban 2.

Very small. Nothing much to see.

November - Went to Jordan's house (5/11) for the first time for steamboat.

Makan fever.

Celebrated Sim's birthday (13/11) in Chilis, 1u.

Jordan, MFai and Ken are not in the pic.

Second gang.

Went yamcha with 'him' and to meet 'his' friends. Not to forget, got asked SO DAMN MANY questions by his friends too. But, no doubt all his friends are humorous which make the whole yamcha session turned out to be quite fun ^.^

Celebrated Anna's birthday. I forgot when it was d!! Haven't get any pictures yet.

December - Went to Sim girl's shop for barbecue and steamboat! I love her mummy~ (no pics yet)

Celebrated both Chin Howe and Chee Hong's birthdays (10/12). Great chance to meet back with all my old friends and get to know some new friends!

Went to Yoke Man's house (23/12) to give her a birthday surprise. Then, we watched movie in her house + munching on the snacks that we bought.

Had a sweet Christmas (25/12). Thanks for the Xmas presents~

Sprained my leg (28/12). I was even happier than my bro upon receiving the news that he scored all As for PMR ^_^'''

Had many outings and bought some clothes for Chinese New Year too! But, I need MORE!!!

Went for lunch buffet (31/12) in Legend Hotel with grandma, uncles and aunties' families. We usually have family gathering during the new year eve. The difference is either lunch or dinner only.

Dad don't let me out for countdown (31/12) with friends because my leg is still swollen, for fear that the crowd will step on my leg =_=''' He thinks too much! Atleast I can still see fireworks from my house T_T

p/s-Those that I didn't mention simply because I've forgotten bout it or I think I don't need to write about it. Gomenasai...

p/p/s-If u have noticed, I did include my URL into some of the pictures. That indicates that I don't want strangers or anyone to simply copy & save it. If you want pictures without the URL, ask me! I'll send it to u ;)

Anyway, I had a GREAT year throughout the 2006!!! Hopefully 2007 will be EVEN BETTER~
XP I'm so greedy...

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