Thursday, December 28, 2006


^.^ I'm happy.

Happy simply because my youngest brother managed to score all As for his PMR!!! 7A s wo..So proud of him man! Actually, it was kinda expected la =P

Good luck for him, bad luck for me actually.

Went to 1u for movie, The Curse of the Golden Flower.

Sumpahan Bunga Emas

The show is only OK to me. Grand production, great cast members (Chow Yun Fat & Gong Li), great costumes (u know what I mean ;)) and oh-so-many chrysanthemum. BUT, the show is a bit slow. *sigh* Jay's acting is slightly better than his Initial D movie. But he don't talk much though.

No, that wasn't the "bad luck" that I was talking about. The bad thing that happened to me is... I sprained my leg in the cinema. Damn kesian gotto walk to the car park. Suddenly I felt that 1u is so damn big =_=''' Thank goodness I'm not the one driving.

Now it's swollen. Haih... Hope it'll be alright by this Saturday as I'll be going out with friends T_T

Btw, if anyone of u who reads Star newspaper everyday, you should have seen this article dated on 24/12/2006.

Special mum for a special child.
(Sorry la. Can't find it from The Star website, that's y it's taken by my hp cam)

This is such a touching story T_______________________T

I truly respect Hayati (that lady above) for taking great care of her daughter, Aisya. For those who didn't read that article, it's about this girl, Aisya, was born with webbed fingers, eyelids were completely fused together (meaning having no eyesight), hearing impaired (no hearing) and larynx partially shut (no voice). After 3 months of her birth, Aisya developed breathing problems & the doctors discovered that her larynx was webbed. Therefore, a breathing tube was placed in her trachea. Her food has to be blended and fed through a feeding tube that is inserted into her stomach via one of her nostrils.

So sad isn't it? Her mum, Hayati, took more than a week after Aisya's birth to be emotionally strong enough to see and hold her child for the first time. She also has to take care of Aisya all the time because when Aisya is angry or frustrated, she yanks at her breathing tube. At times, Hayati has to sit up to 20 hours in the same spot, rocking her daughter in the cradle.

Sangat mulia la dia =)

I mean, she was given a choice earlier whether to save her daughter or to let her die. Of course, she made the first choice. Spending all her money, time and strength to take care of Aisya. How many mother will make the first choice?

I remembered when I read it for the first time, my eyes were teary!!! Seriously, it's a really touching story. Go and read it if you haven't.

Hahaha...this entry is so random =_='''

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