Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Holidays = Stress

People feel stress when they are having exams or facing some problems.

Guess what.

I feel stress when I'm too free and have got nothing to do =_='''

When my life now is just hanging out with friends, shopping, playing games, chit-chatting, discussion, partying n etc, I felt stress lor. By being too free to do what I want, I felt that something is missing instead, like, no connection with the world outside like that.

Damn. Pimples also got more d T_T

Or simply because I cannot stay at home for too long. I only go out for about 3 times a week T_T How horrible!!! If got college, I'll be out for about 5-6 times a week leh!!

No wonder I like to go to school so much back then ^.^ Wait, I ain't a nerd ok!!!

I need to get back to college and start working!!!

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