Sunday, December 10, 2006

Double The Birthdays, Double The Joy

Wah....was a busy and tiring day today!

First, I went to Times Square and Sg Wang with friends to buy Yoke Man's birthday present. Because it was a Sunday, we were afraid of the jam and therefore, decided to take public transport instead. No matter what also will take public transport in order to save petrol =P

So long didn't go to Times Square & Sg Wang already. Miss these 2 places so much but the sad part is, didn't get to buy any clothes for myself (too lala ler the style. 1u will be better for me). But the happiest part was, I bought lots of cosmetics in return ^.^ Still excited up until now!

It was a crazy outing. No leng chais for us to see but I still enjoyed the outing very much. Time passes so quickly, we didn't realize it was so late already and we rushed like mad to go home.

Something happened when we reached KL Sentral station. There's this uncle (not sure of his race, Indonesian i guess) who stood really close to me on the way up the escalator. I felt really uncomfortable and decided to turn to give him a stare lor.

Guess what.


Such a pervert!!!

He was shocked and quickly kept his hp back into his pocket. I was super duper shocked ok!!!!! But i kept my cool. I remembered before I left my house, my dad asked me not to wear skirts when I'm taking public transport but I refused. Now, I know why...

Like a chinese saying, 'he eats salt more than I eat rice' T_T

But thank goodness, my skirt has got pant inside!, i bet that pervert got nothing to see. Cis... come to think of it, that uncle is pretty yong sui (ugly) lor...rugi betul!

Another thing is, I saw Amazing Race contestants leh! At first I saw a cameraman with a huge backpack. Next thing is, I saw 2 ang mohs with 2 huge backpacks and a map. Like that, definitely is Amazing Race d la! My little brother even said that there's a detour at the car park near our HELP college.

Went home quickly to get my car and drove straight to Taman Megah to pick up Ming Shing. Really paiseh because I make him waited 20 minutes for me =_=''' He is the 1 who bought the cakes anyway.

However, we were still the first to arrive at the New Paris restaurant. Actually, I was already hungry by 4pm. T_T Worse come to worst is, everybody came late!!! T___________T What's the point I set the time at 7pm ar??? Cis cis cis...

It's killing me!

But it was fun afterall. A total of 25 people (if I'm not mistaken) came to celebrate Chin Howe and Chee Hong's birthday. And the food over there is so tasty and yet, cheap (fav word of all!!)! We had 2 tables and each table has 7 dishes. Besides that, I got to know a few new friends on that night too! Double the joy~

That guy in brown shirt (standing) is Ming Shing. He is CHowe and CHong's good friend.

Another thing that I don't understand is, why they placed the candles on the table instead of on the cake

Too many people until we got to stand =_=''' Saw this girl in yellow shirt? She is MingShing's sister. Very pretty and smart. This is what I call, beauty with brain!! She wants to be a doctor!! Wahhhh...

This birthday party seems like a wedding dinner actually. Like how we socialize with the people and arranging seats for the guests that came on that day. Even when they cut the cakes also want to do it together!

The next thing is, he goes around forcing people to eat the cakes T_T See, he's so syiok but we are the 1 who suffer. Waahahahaa....

Cheok Tho and Pui Yi. I really like CheokTho's hairstyle!! So funky leh... Nice nice~

Finally, just wanna wish the 2 birthday boys a Happy Birthday! May your days be filled with much happiness and laughter. May all your wishes come true too! Hope that U did enjoy your birthday on that day.

I think I was a bit exhausted at the end of the day but I still enjoyed myself very much ^.^

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