Saturday, December 02, 2006

Back To... Your Past Life?

Got a question to ask. Do u believe got such things as "past life" or not?

Out of boredom, I asked my little brother and mum about it and started this conversation:-

Me: Eh, I got a ques to ask. Do u believe that each of us got our "past life"?

Mum: I don't know. Depends on whether u believe or not la.

Me: But few years back, my friend, XX told me that her parent went to see a fella and he managed to tell about their 'past life' wo. (let's not write here what it is ok? I don't know if she reads my blog or not. If she did, I'm DEAD! This will then be my PAST LIFE liao! How terrifying!)

Bro: Hahaha...Sure got such thing?

Me: Well, I don't know. If really got, I WANT TO KNOW what was my past life lor. Interesting isn't it? Hm... Who knows my past life is a concubine??? Muahahaha....

Bro: U'll be the 1 neglected by the emperor 1 lor. Hahaha...

Me: =_=''' sui chai...Wait wait wait. What if that fella (who reads my past life) says that I'm a prostitute in some 'yu heong yun' (famous prostitution place in ancient drama) then how???? T________T

Bro & Mum:Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Think too much la u!

Bro: If got such thing. I don't want to know about my past life.

Me: Why not?

Bro: What if that fella said my past life was a PIG????

Me: Wahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha......

Mum: Hahahaha...What's wrong being a pig? It's already a past what isn't it?

Me: Yealar...I mean, being a pig is even better than being a dog! Do u know how much those people in China valued their pigs up until now?

Bro: Siao... I don't want to be an animal no matter what.

Me: I wonder what is kor kor's past life ^.^

Bro: A rapist.

Me: Muahahahahahahahahahahaha......... Yea hor...Since he's so hamsap! (Just a joke ok! He is not la actually)

Mum: Hahaha...U both very bad ar. Always talk bad about him when he's not around!

Me: Eh sai lou. U can be a rapist too. Wahahahah....U r hamsap also what!

Bro: If so, EVERY GUY in this world is a rapist also la =_=''' Which guy is not hamsap 1???

Mum & Me: =_=''' True also...

The conversation goes on and on...

So, I really want to know, have U ever thought what your past life is based on your observation on your own behavior??? Come on... Just it a guess. Or perhaps, what/who do u wish u were in your past life?

Ok, I'll thicken my face to say first. Erm...Since I like to dress up, shopping, and yamcha with friends, guess I'm either a concubine (oh yeah~), princess (I wish) or....... prostitute in 'yu heong yun' lor T____T Damn, I liked piggies very much too! DON'T TELL ME my past life is a pig!!! O_O How pathetic...

Jordan, I think your past life is a Dugong lor! Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Hahahaha....Just kidding la XP

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