Friday, November 17, 2006

Cervical Cancer?

What am I doing over here when I am suppose to be studying for my Management exam tomorrow? =_=''' I admit that I always procrastinate when it comes to studies.

Anyway, this afternoon, my mum told me a news that kinda shocked me! This is what she said to me..

Mum: Yian, I got something serious to discuss with you. Any decision is still up to you.

Me: Ok, what is it then? Why do you sound so serious?

Mum: I want you to go to hospital to get an injection.

Me: =_=''' Why out of a sudden?

Mum: It's a vaccine against cervical cancer.

Me: o_o For what? Choiii!!! I got no cervical cancer also.

Mum: No you see, your wai po (my grandma from mum's side) died of cervical cancer, you know right?

Me: Yea...I know.

Mum: And, do you know that cervical cancer can inherit to younger generation? I stand a 50% of chances but so far, my medical report shows no sign of it la. So, u have 25% of getting it you see.

Me: 0_0

Mum: And you will die very fast from it. Your grandma died very fast too that time she got it!

Me: o_o If I go for the injection, does it assure me 100% that I won't get it?

Mum: Yes. That is why I wanted u to take the vaccine since you might be getting it. Can you come to my hospital next week?

Me: Ok then. Since I still don't want to die yet as I still haven't achieve my dream! Hahaha...

Mum: Confirm ya? Then I shall make an appointment for you next week.


Sometimes my mum is very bad T_T When she wanted me to do something, she will say something scary and shocking to me so that I will listen to what she said.

Come on man, 25% of chances!!! If you tell me I stand 25% of chances of getting a lottery strike, I would have buy it for sure. But 25% of getting cervical cancer wo. So sueh 1... =/

When I'm sick, I don't even bother to take any medication. That is why I don't feel like taking the vaccine from my mum's hospital since it's merely 25% of getting it =_=''' Hahaha...lazy la wei.

However, I changed my mind to take it instead. I was thinking, IF I really got cervical cancer (CHOIIIII!!!), my little brother will definitely be taking all my savings away as he has been eyeing on my money all this while! WHAT THE HECK??? NO way la!!! Hahahahaha...

Moreover, I still haven't see aurora leh. I wanna see aurora!!!!

On top of that, I still owe someone 'an answer'. Hahaha...He's still waiting for my YES or NO answer >.< Still undecided la me!! Haih...taking my own sweet time to think about it XP Really need some advice from people! *sigh* You be patient and wait for me my answer la ya ^.^

Ok, time to study!!!

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