Tuesday, November 14, 2006

All About Food >.<

I've found the best (for me la) char siew in town!!! And it's in Pj!!! Best of all is, it's darn near to my house!!!

Imagine how lucky I was ^.^

So far, the 'char siew-of-my-choice" would be a coffee shop in SEREMBAN! I have been eating char siew from that coffeeshop for more than 10 years, even before I moved to PJ. So, imagine how loyal I am towards that char siew *blush*

However, last sunday I went to Aman Suria for brunch with my family and so happen we came to this small little coffeeshop. Dad brought us there to try out their hakka mee actually and the owner recommended their famous char siew and claimed it was one of the best from SEREMBAN.

Fine, it's worth a try then since it's from SEREMBAN >.<

OMG! It's seriously delicious and worth a try for those char siew lovers hehehehe...Very nice man. No lies! Worth the RM5 you are paying for a plate of char siew.

1 more thing, don't ask me what's the name of the shop k? =_=''' I FORGOT the name la!! Hahhahahaa...

So, if u wanna go, you must bring me along d! Hahahaha....(pandai ambil kesempatan ni)

Found a nice roti tisu in Aman Suria too. But i guess it's only available at night =/ Their roti tisu has enough sugar and margarine and that's what make it tasty! Erm...don't eat too much of it because it's fattening u see with those sugar and margarine =_='''

Lilee said there's a nice wantan mee in Aman Suria too!!! Ohhhh... I wanna go to try it out~ So Lilee, be prepared as I'll be coming to fetch you from your church 1 fine day to have breakfast with u k?

MYoong also said she wanted to eat the Kajang satay in Damansara Uptown. So, we shall plan 1 day to go there la. Must prepare some cash 1st! Hahaha...

Btw, who's willing to accompany me to climb the hill in Taman Tun??? It has been a long time since I went there man. Suddenly got the urge to go back there again ^.^ I know I'm suppose to write bout the dinner in Chilis instead of this. But, I'm too lazy la!!! Hahaha...

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