Monday, October 23, 2006

Balik Kampung~oh oh oh Balik Kampung~

Well well well... During this Deeparaya holidays, the only exciting things to me is probably going back to my hometown for my relative's party. Nothing special actually. I'm excited simply because i didn't go back for a LONG TIME already ^.^

Ground floor

No, no, no...This isn't my relative's house! I went back early to Seremban because i wanted to go to the new Jusco in Seremban 2 to have a look. I was shocked actually.

First, this complex is seriously darn nice leh! It has 2 long corridors where they called it as 'Food Street' or something. On the right from the entrance are restaurants if u prefer to have a proper, nice and expensive meal because they have Old Town Cafe, steamboats and etc. While on the left are fast food chains like KFC, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, Starbuck Coffee, etc. Well planned isn't it?

First floor of the complex

The 2nd shocking things is, this complex only has 2 floors for shopping =_=''' The other 2 floors were car parks! So little things to see la!!! Mana cukup ni??? 35 minutes and i'm done walking around the whole complex. Uuh, and their arcade is so laupek (lousy), bowling alleys were so small and tak bergaya and their snooker centre... aiks, u can guess d la.

Well, it's good enough already la for a small town like Seremban.

My relative's party is probably one of the best house party i've been to. Not to mention their house has big compound which is enough to fit 200 over guests but their food is just-oh-so-delicious!!! It was also my first time eating 1 huge oyster ler. I never try to eat oyster because they usually serve it raw, which is something i don't have the courage to try.

But this time, they cooked it with belacan! The smell was sooooo tempting and i decided to try 1. Whoaaa...after the first bite, no regret man. Darn nice wei~ It was also the first dish being wiped off completely less than 45 minutes.

Another thing is, in order to please the kids, they even employed these few people:
a) people to make cotton candy
b) people to draw hand painting and tattoo for the kids
c) clown to entertain ppl
d) Winnie the Pooh (human inside la duh). But this Winnie the Pooh looked a bit fake lor. So weird looking 1. Must be pirated la hahahaha....

I wanted to take picture of it but it was being blocked by all the adults and kids. Too bad.

The party was so much fun and i get to meet so many of my relatives here. It's great to see them again after so long. It is also very considerate of them to spend so much money on entertainment to please those kids. There were also magic show performed by the clown too!

How small the world is. I got to know a girl who is also from HELP University College! She's in Psychology department la and she's doing her Degree Year 1 too, just like me ^.^

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