Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I'm Back!

I'm back my friends!!! All safe and sound! ^.^ Well, i'll blog about what i did last week when i got all the photos from my friends k? So, just be a little bit patient and wait!

Anyway for a short entry, i'll like to thank Florence and Yoke Man for being so caring to me when i went out with them the other day. I caught some flu and cough when i was back to Selangor last thurs (thank goodness the fever was gone!) and after having a good rest on friday for the whole day, i went out again on saturday!

When it's holidays, u can't stop me from going out partying, shopping and yamcha-ing XP

Well, we were suppose to go to Petaling Street for a walk but when we meet up in Kelana station, Florence said that we shouldn't go so far when she saw me coughing so badly. Since we are out, she said we shall go somewhere near instead and therefore, to my 2nd home ---> 1 Utama.

We went to watch DOA. Not pray la bastard. It means Dead Or Alive. It was a good movie i tell u!! I simply love the way the girls fought and yet, their hair can remain so neat after that. Damn hard to do that u see *impress* *impress* I wish i can fight like that though.

I remembered when i took up Taekwando few years back, i was my trainer's best & favourite student because he said that i fought damn well. Hm, I think i should thank my bro because i was managed put my skills to full use whenever i fought with him back then. In directly, he helped me to brush up my skills. Now, who said fighting with siblings is 100% not a good thing? (Joking k...Pls don't go and whack your little bro or sis until they enter hospital =_=''' I'm not going to be responsible for that)

But i don't remember i looked that cool when i fight and my hair definitely don't look good after that.

Anyway, throughout the whole outing, Florence was especially caring to me. She was so worried that my sickness might get worse because inside the cinema is very cold and that's why she kept looking for a jacket for me. She FORCED me to buy cough drop because she knew that i won't take any medication eventhough i'm sick. Damn understand me +_+ For lunch, Flo and YMan asked me to sit down and wait while they'll help me to buy my meal. They don't allow me to drink cold drink and therefore, they bought me a cup of HOT milo. Whenever i cough, they'll turned quickly to ask me whether i'm alright or not. Erm... no worries my friends, the cough got no blood. So, i'm not dying yet >.< Hahahaha.... Fine, they are so worried and i'm laughing over here.

They took really good care of me throughout the day and this has make me very touched! T_T Thank u soooo much my frens! U r the best! Thank u so much to those who smsed me just to ask whether i'm alright or not. Thank u soooo much eventhough i don't know how some of u got the news. I'm recovering now so, no worries. ^.^

I find 1 thing rather interesting. When i told Florence and YMan that if i am really going to Australia, there's a high possibility that i won't be coming back to Malaysia provided that i like the place there. Well, going or not very much depend on my brother who will be going there next year. If he can pass successfully without having to repeat for another year, then my hope of going is confirm. However, if that sui chai failed, then........ =_=''' See me in Malaysia lor.

When i told them this, they both were like Yeeerrrr non stop and asked me to come back no matter what. They said they rather i don't go cuz if i go, they know i'll definitely like the lifestyle over there and won't come back. For the moment, i was touched to know that they don't want me to leave.

BUT, after 5 minutes....................... they were discussing which winter clothes to buy for me when i leave because they know that Australia will be very cold during the winter!!!!! =_=''' It means that, U ALL WANT ME TO LEAVE LA IS IT????? T_T jahanam budak... Started planning for me sumore. What if i cannot go leh? Then how? Wear those winter clothes to Snow House in Genting is it?

So bad T_T But, i know they don't mean it ^.^ juz wanna make them feel guilty only! Wahahahahaa....

Those wanna go out yamcha wit me, faster make appointment! My holidays is coming to an end. But, I'm darn broke also so, if u wanna go to expensive places, don't need to ask me d. Provided u belanja me then okla =P Like HYang asked me out to Lunar Bar this sat and he said that he'll pay for my drinks! Wahahaha...Lucky me! But, think i'm gonna give it a miss bcuz I DON'T KNOW THE WAY THERE! Join his friends sumore. Nonit la... Some other time only u belanja me la heheee...U OWE ME k!!! I die oso won't 4get! Hahahaa... Owe me so many things somemore. Time to pay back!! Muahahahaha (evil laugh)....

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