Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Yu Ai Restaurant Revisited!

We visited the Yu Ai Restaurant in Segambut again and this time, with a bigger and crazier group of friends. As usual, during the 2 hours of break in between classes, we decided to travel all the way to Segambut just for a bowl of the famous tomyam seafood around. We asked Chong and gang to come along the day before and they agreed.

However, i see the 3 of them (chong, timmy & sim) arguing on who to drive because they all are lazy to drive long distance =_='' Very near la brother..About 10-15minutes of drive only. In the end, they decide by "teka-tumbuk" and Chong lost. So, he'll be the driver.

Then, i don't know who go and invite Edward and Sue Lynn to come along with us. So, we added another 2 person and make the total of 15 people. Like we go to pek yau only...Suppose 3 cars should be enough but i don't know why Edward drove also in the end. So, total of 4 cars to Segambut!

Chong's car - Me, Timmy, Sim and Phan
SFai's car - Meng Fai and his lou poh, LiLee
Edward's car - Sue Lynn
Ken's car - Jordan, Sylvia, May Yoong and Yung Hui (Ken's car is ALWAYS FULL! Guess his Myvi is highly in demand)

Chong they all arrived (at the main block car park) and then the 5 of us make a move to his car. Then, Sylvia, Lilee, MYoong and YHui was like "Wahhhh....Fuiyohhh..." (because i was the only girl in their car). Then Timmy shouted, "jap tou la lei" (lucky la u?) T_T Hmphhh....really don't give face to me! I got no choice to sit Chong's car because i'll be the 1 leading to the restaurant because everyone had forgotten how to go there except for Jordan who remembered A BIT.

The rest waited for us at the Esso because Chong parked his car damn far away. As i was the only girl, i get the special treatment to sit in front! Muahaha.... When i just lay my butt on the chair, Timmy shouted


Question mark is all over my head. What have i done ar?

T : Push your chair in front a bit la...The other half of my body cannot enter la
Me : Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting WAHAHHAAA...

It's damn funny to see how Timmy and Sim struggled to enter the car with their extraordinary height. However, Chong said something that makes sense too. He said, "Who ask you all to call the shortest person to drive? If either 1 of u drive, then u don't need to squeeze yourself behind la rite?"

Both of them kept quiet d. It's really funny to see the 3 guys squeezing among themselves behind like gays and the way they sat was damn funny. Like squatting only..hahahaha...I laughed non-stop along the way. Sim kept scolding Phan and Timmy to stop sliding to his side each time Chong turns a corner because he said damn geli. Muahahaha....

Chong actually wanted to drive faster but he sees SFai and the rest were driving soooo slowly behind and therefore, he slowed down for them. Seriously damn slow la...beh tahan and i said, "Chong, your car ada bunyi tapi takde gaya punya?" Trying to say that he drove too slow la meaning. I mean, come on...his car is the Iswara special edition with the big and loud exhaust pipe ok. Takkan he drives like uncle in kancil right?

Timmy then warned me, "Whoaaa Wan Yian. I sit his car for so many times also don't dare to say anything. U don't provoke him while driving man"

Chong just laughed.

We finally reached the place and i asked Chong to park at the car park behind. We were damn lucky because there's a place right under the tree for Chong to park. Lucky lucky...

I remembered the first time i came here is with Zixian they all. A total of 7 people (SYing, SWen, ZXian, YHui, MYoong, Angie and me). The second time we went with Wong Hon and his friends, around 10 or 11 people. This time we broke the record with 15 people!!!

We divided into 2 tables and ordered our food. Sim and Phan who can't eat spicy food decided to try the tomyam no matter what. That's the purpose they are here isn't it? Damn nice and funny when u go out with a group of crazy friends. Had a good time over there laughing and teasing each other.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
It's spicy but we enjoyed it very much. Yummy~

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Ask Phan to eat spicy food is like torturing him only. Damn pitiful. He kept "huhuhu...wah wah wah" all the time and he sweats like waterfall O_O

When u think Phan's reaction is a bit exaggerated and u pitied him for sweating so much over a bowl of tomyam...Guess what...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Sim is even more kua cheong. His face was so red and his lips was swollen. Muahahahahahahahaa....... He looked damn funny!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Table 1. Take a long time juz to take this picture because Jordan's head kept on blocking Sylvia's face. When it's taken, Ken blocked Jordan's face pula.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Our table. Sim became very weird after he finishes his bowl of tomyam. Siao oledi. Kept on posing non-stop... =_='''

On the way back to college, Edward was the first to speed back because he knows the way back to college. Then followed by SiuFai. Ken was ahead of us too, meaning we're the last. Chong drove really slow eventhough there's only me and Timmy in his car. Sim & Phan sat Edward's car.

I said to Chong again, "Wah...your car really ada bunyi tapi takde gaya lo". He suddenly changed his gear and speed too o_O (I was quite shocked. Never know that Chong can drive that fast! Damn syiok!!! No wonder Timmy said don't provoke Chong when he's driving. Hahaha).Overtook Ken's car in front and Ken was happily waving to us because he knew that he can never catch up with us. His car is wayyyy too heavy.

Back to college just to attend the Marketing lecture in A-A1. Since it's A-A1, it's no surprise to see people sleeping in the class!

Guess la who slept in class...

Start with the most predictable 1

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
YHui lor....Well, the fingers on the right is mine while the left 1 is Jordan's.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
SFai's is sleeping more and more often in class already =_=''' What happened to this good student???

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image HostingFunniest picture of all!!! How come he can sleep until so straight 1?

Ahem...the most unpredictable person who sleeps in class is.....

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Long Ma!!!! Wahhhh....really shock to see her sleeping in class lor. Sleep also so yau yeng...Memang long ma...

Pictures is all taken by Jordan. Except for Lilee's pic which is taken with Sylvia's hp. If Ken & SFai sleep, i can understand because driving is tiring. But, how come YHui and LiLee also sleep 1? Too tired cheering for the driver ar? =_='''

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