Monday, August 14, 2006

My Month, My Day, My 19th Birthday - Part 2

Due to the crazy party i had last saturday, i was sick on the next day and it lasted for the whole damn week. OMG! But atleast i got the whole sunday to sleep =P

Very reluctant to wake up on monday. Feel like skipping the class but i doubt that my dad would allow since i don't have fever. I felt so tired and weak in the morning but i have to force myself to college. Yerrr.... How come don't have fever??? If got, then can sleep at home d...

No mood in college. Felt like half dead d. Nothing enters my brain. The first class in the morning eventually being called off early and we went back to main block for lunch. Before that, Jordan went to charge his hp in front of the SR8 and Vivin smsed me to apologize for not being able to come for my bday celebration later *spoiler* Muahaha...

Had lunch at the Mags & News cafe. Suddenly MFai came in shorts and holding a camera. Since he's wearing shorts and no bag with him, meaning he got no business in college lor since he's on holidays d. Got camera somemore *spoiler* Next, Sim, Phan and Timmy appeared in front of me out of a sudden and they refused to sit no matter what. I knew something is going to happen d =P

Sim and Phan kept looking at the direction behind me *spoiler* and when i turned, i saw Joe Ee holding a HUGE box with a very wai watt facial expression (muahahaha). He looked so funny! Then the rest was like saying "aiya, how come she turned 1?" because i can see that Uncle Kenny was trying to light the candle. He then presented the cake to me, everyone sang bday song and i make a wish (many wishes in fact =_=''') before blowing the candles.

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Surprised!! Happy until my eyes gone missing liao. Hua Fu lighted the candle for me...

Well, the box is sooooo huge for a reason though. It is suppose to be like a lucky draw where i'm suppose to find all my presents inside that huge box filled with shredded papers. Special thanks to YHui, Jordan, Irene and Soowen (got any more ppl?) for cutting the papers in the morning. I was asked to close my eyes and grab anything i can touch.

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The first thing that i found was the mango because it was the biggest thing inside. It was then followed by the banana, cucumber, pink color G-string, pink wallet, pink nail polish (from Skin Food) and also 3 packets of condoms =_='' Seems like the G-string and condoms were all MYoong's idea (as expected! Muahahahaha....)

While i was talking to Hua Fu, MYoong suddenly gave me a centipede (fake 1 la duh) and it managed to scare the hell out of me. I screamed because i totally didn't expect it from MYoong T_T Malu la i screamed until so loud somemore. I know Phan has been laughing non-stop from that.

Then, i was required to wear the condom on the cucumber.'s like helping the cucumber to wear underwear. SOOoo many people around somemore!!! They might think that i'm a pervert. Luckily don't have any uncles coming to me and said, "xiao mei mei...come, let uncle teach u how to wear a condom because uncle's a pro d". Guess i'll give him 2 tight slap in return.

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Quite clumsy because i didn't know that a condom can be so wet and slippery. What? I'm a kuai lui ma...

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This 2 fellas is already a pro. Look at how long they managed to pull that condom =_=''' Careful la Lilee and Sylvia!

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Another memorable present from friends. The most memorable so far was the 2 underwears given by YeeMei back in Form 3 and my classmates were playing with it. Got piggy picture sumore because she knew that i loved piggies. Yea, malu but damn memorable lor...Actually the main presents that YMei gave is the long sleeve shirt. Underwears is to make me remember her 'unusual' presents in years to come. She succeeded anyway.

So, basically everyone was enjoying the Lemon cheesecake from Secret Recipe. Eh, next time i want the cake baked by Sim 1 ar!!! I want to try his ice-cream cake. Don't want from Secret Recipe =P Sim, u got read or not? Sik jou la...

Suddenly i got an idea. Those guys who were present should have something to prove that they came for my bday celebration. So, i decided to painting their nails with pink nail polish that i got! I knew that Hua Fu was the most sporting guy there and therefore, i asked for his nails to be painted first.

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Then followed by Joe Ee, Sim, Timmy, MFai, Jordan and lastly, Phan. Forgot la whether i got paint SFai's nails or not. Uncle refused no matter what. Hmph~ Nvm... Give face cuz he gotto go back to work later XP Later his colleagues thought he went to beauty salon pula... =_='''

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Those who came were Ah Chan, Uncle Kenny, Jordan, Sylvia, SiuFai, MengFai, YHui, MYoong, ShuYing, Irene, SooWen, Hua Fu, Sim, Phan and Timmy. But, don't know why not all is in the pic. Lilee can't come because she got appointment, Chong went to Kota Kinabalu for holidays with Anne, Vivin i forgot the reason d, Zixian didn't come to college and also Edward and Ken (reasons unknown).

Went into class with the huge box which causes everyone to look at me =_=''' Some fella i am not close with also wished me because it was pretty obvious it was my bday rite? Shy la me... The cake and box alone occupied a seat in A-A2.

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Since i can't hold both the box and the cake to enter the bus, we decided to finish the cake during our Micro tut class. Gave some to Timmy, Phan, Sim, Sim girl, Anna, Elaine, Aaron, Victor and DR.LIM!!! He is sooo cute! He asked ppl to take pic when i hand over the cake to him. The whole class laughed at his joke anyway...

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In the end of the day, i was damn tired and exhausted. I looked sick isn't it? Moreover, i gotto carry this huge box to take bus over to the main block! Thank goodness Joe Ee helped me to carry the box as he got a seat in front while Timmy, Sim and i got a seat at the back of the bus.

Thank u sooooo much to MYoong, YHui, Jordan, Sylvia, Lilee, Irene and SooWen for the preparations. Thank u soooo much to those who came too especially Joe and Uncle Kenny! Thank u sooo much to those who wished me through msn and through phone which is Yoke Man, Shen ling, Ashraff, Zixian, Irene, ShuYing, Edmond (sui chai, wished me because he knows that he'll be getting angpau from me =_=''), Sudano (dunno how to spell), Kenny (Sudano's friend), Jacky Cheong (not that singer la. I wish man!), Xeon (on9 straight when he came back frm Spore just to wish me ^.^), Allen, Justin, Robin, Koon and Wei Seng (i used to like him back then). Well, he on9 sharp 12am to wish me because he said that he had already set reminder!!! Muahahaha... damn happy. Chatted with him for the whole night anyway. Yerrr... i don't want the feelings for him to come back. Time to move on for me.

Hope i didn't miss out anyone. I think i did miss out some because i remembered got damn many ppl wished me through msn n phone calls.

Then, thanks to those who wished me through sms which is my darling Pamela, Hui Teng, SooWen, Kamaliah, LiLee, Jordan, Sim girl (thank u sooo much for da hp hanger that u bought for me from Genting! Damn it a lot), Sylvia, Fang Yien, GT (truly a surprise for me!), Sim, Timmy, Khoon Wah, Meng Fai, MayYoong, Chong (wished me before he take off to KK), Florence, Meisin, YeeMei, Reuben, Wendy, Suet Mei & Xiu Yuan. Sorry if i missed out ur names because i forgot d ler XP So long ago~

Thanks to those who wished me in class and in person like YHui, Vivin, Ken, SiuFai, Anna, Elaine, Joe Ee, Kenny Leong, Hua Fu, Aaron, Victor, Victor's friends (dunno their names), Mahmood, 1 unknown fella and many more. Sorry if i left out your names too! I have been trying very hard to refresh my memory d... Hair also turn white lor...

Damn Horng Yang who promised to bring me go clubbing 1. Mana tau larikan diri to Australia to find gf pula...Celaka u!!!! U still owe me Ribena special and naan special from the bet u've lost few months back on football! Better get ur ass back here fast before i add on interest ah...

THANK U AGAIN TO ALL OF U for giving me such a memorable birthday celebration this year! Arigato Gozaimasu~ ^.^

P/S-Terima kasih to Irene for being the camerawoman, JoeEe as cameraman, MFai and YHui for bringing your cameras. Wahhh....banyak camera oh...

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