Saturday, August 12, 2006

My Month, My Day, My 19th Birthday - Part 1

Wahhh....Damn happy! After saving and waiting for sooooo long, finally, my shopping time has arrived! Spent the whole day yesterday celebrating my bday with my family members. It is because the actualy date (11/08) is always reserved for family!

Teng came around 12pm in her bf's car. She has no choice but to come in to wait for me because my make up was done halfway through only. As usual, she uses all my stuffs in my room to make up. Yealar, frequent guest ma... T_T

Went for lunch with her at the coffee shop near my house, ate siu yuk rice and then headed to Kelana station and took lrt to Sungei Wang. There's 3 reasons why we wanted to shop in Sungei Wang. First and the most important is to buy my bday present there (perasaan). Secondly is to buy my skirt and thirdly is to buy YMei's belated bday present.

Entered a pink shop to buy my skirt and spent more than half an hour inside there looking around for some t-shirt and finally settle myself with a skirt and a blouse. Teng then bought a baige colour wallet for me too. Initially i wanted pink (as predicted) but she suggested that i should buy some other colour for a change. Okieeelorrrrrr......because it's nice too! =P

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In that pink shop.

I remembered while taking the second pic, there's this shop lady poked my hand and said "Miss miss"... I ignored her and continue to pose with Teng and replied "Wait ar..." I thought she wanted to scold me for taking pictures in her shop. Mana tau, she asked us to pose the other direction so that can see the other side of her shop =_=''' Free promotion for her. The 2nd pic turned out blurry so i decided to delete it instead. Kanina... Who asked u to poke my hand? Poke poke poke.... Ask u to pay only u know!

1 skirt and 1 blouse costs me RM87. Expensive but i loveeee it very much! My satisfaction is worth more than RM87 lor.. Shopped around and Teng bought a t-shirt at a lipstick for herself too. Both party are happy! I was interested at a shirt in Goggles but it costs RM40. Don't know whether a t-shirt worth that price or not also. But i've decided to buy it when i go to 1u this weekend.

We both were too syiok shopping around and we actually left the place without looking for YMei's bday present +_+ I think she won't scold 1 geh....muahahaha... Went back to my house because it was only 5.45pm and we are suppose to meet at Chin Howe's house at 7pm. Yoke Man called last minute saying that she will be late as she's rushing from her college (UTAR). Girls are suppose to meet at Shen Ling's house while guys meet at Chin Howe's house. Sounds like people are getting married isn't it?

So, Teng and i left the house at 6.30pm to pick up Suet Mei first. But it was jam here and there T_T People started to call me before we reach Suet Mei’s house. Khoon Wah called a few times to ask locate us because they all were extremely hungry. SLing, Florence, Mei Sin and Wendy called too. However, Wendy’s call is to inform me that she got to ffk me because something had happened to her family. I understand her situation and said it’s alright and she shouldn’t worry about me then.

Next was to pick up MSin and her area was jam too T_T PJ memang PJ. Jam like nobody’s business. Reached SLing’s house at 7.15pm and quickly rushed to CHowe’s place. I can see all their starving’s faces. Damn pitiful wei…

The initial plan is to eat at the Sunwaymas. So, we girls follow the guys’ car (total 3 cars ler. Sling drove as well) because CHowe suggested a restaurant which is quite good as the food is cheap and delicious. Don’t know why last minute they decided to change venue and went to PJ Seafood Restaurant instead.

For your info, this restaurant is big, always packed with people and the food is damn nice! But it’s not THAT cheap la. It was owned by my primary school friend’s family. Long time didn’t see her d after Form 5.

It’s my 2nd time visiting the place and it is as usual, packed with people!

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Banyak orang

We actually got a table in the middle of the place. But I don’t know why the guys don’t want that table and CHowe suggested that we should have a private place by ourselves. I was confused. Private? Where oh?

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Guys escorting the girls to THAT private place

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This small little hut at the end of the restaurant. Damn nice isn’t it? Romantic mou?

Yes, damn private and nice indeed because it’s beside THE TOILET!!! Thank Goodness there’s no ‘additional’ smells to add flavor to our dish =_=’’’ We got the lou pan leong (tauke/lady boss) to take order from our table.

Well, with Chin Howe and XYuan they all around, u won’t get to walk away so easily ler. We were all ‘playing’ and joking with the tauke and she was laughing non stop with us. So scared she might fall in love with us la. Tak mau like Chong ar, managed to court the Sri Emas uncle =_=’’’

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See, I didn’t lie. She was damn happy to serve our table. Guys were Chee Hong (left) and Chin Howe (middle)

Teng was talkative that night. She kept on suggesting what she wanted to eat but always got counter by the guys by saying things like, “U can decide meh? U are the bday girl meh? Surely the bday girl decides 1 ma. U keep quiet to eat then can la”. And then CHowe will smile at me and say, “Sau sing lui (bday girl), what do u want to eat? What chicken u want to eat?” Damn bad ...bully Teng somemore! XD

Every dishes also ask me whether ok or not or approve or not and all Teng’s suggestions had been ignored. Muahahahahaha….. Damn pity her but it’s was so hilarious the way they jat Teng that night. XYuan asked me what else to order and I asked him to ask the tauke instead. So, when he asked that tauke what would she recommend to us, this conversation is so funny…

(They were conversing in mandarin and at a fast pace as well. Actually she suggested a lot but i forgot XP)
XYuan: Boss, what would u recommend to us ar?
Tauke: Crab la
XYuan: Don’t want crab
Tauke: Prawns
XYuan: Don’t want prawns
Tauke: Fish
XYuan: Don’t want fish
Tauke: Lala
XYuan: Don’t want lala
Tauke: =_=’’’ Then taufu lor…

MUAHAHAHAHAHA… Wan yeah meh sai lou

The lady boss even laughed after that. I bet this was her 1st time taking order for such a long time for 1 table alone, breaking all the records. We had a good time ordering food from that lady too.

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Suet Mei and Teng

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Yoke Man, Florence, Mei Sin. Damn happy that MSin came because she has always been busy with her school stuffs. She ffk during Teng’s bday dinner early this year but attended mine pula. Really give face.

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Me and Shen Ling

Poh Yee came later after that. Xyuan said that she don’t know the way here and he has to go out to bring her here. Don’t know why CHowe and Teng wanted to follow also. They said makan angin wo…

They came back just on time when the food were served. Good timing! It’s already 8 something and most of them didn’t had their lunch. So, everyone eat like hungry ghost only.

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2nd girl from the left is Poh Yee.

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It’s scary to see the way they eat. Kowaii...

KWah, CHoong and CHowe had 2 and the half bowl of rice each! Scary right? Florence and PYee had 2 bowl of rice too O_O Superwoman wei…

When we had finished our food, suddenly, these 2 things appeared on the table…

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I’m totally clueless when they bought the cakes. Damn surprised man. Probably when they went to find PohYee earlier. It was Teng and CHowe’s idea. Thank u soooo much!

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Chocolate and kiwi cake

To make it even more romantic, they switched off the lights. It was dark but romantic lah… They even sang 3 different versions of birthday songs which is in English, Cantonese and Malay. They composed themselves the Malay bday song. Sounded so funny! But damn happy leh…

I requested for the bill to be divided by the 12 of us but they refused to include my share. They said that bday girl shouldn't pay. Kept asking them to include my share but they still don't let T_T Paiseh wei...

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Romantic huh?

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Yea yea….got 2 cakes to cut!!!

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My best buddies.
Sitting (L-R): Teng, Suet Mei, me, Poh Yee, Florence
Standing (L-R): Xiu Yuan, Khoon Wah, Chin Howe, Chee Hong, Shen Ling, Yoke Man, Mei Sin

When I was eating my cake happily, this PohYee came to my place and wishes me happy birthday and slowly wiped her hand across my face.

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Sei poh ar… Don’t understand why they said it looked cute *swt*

They said everyone should atleast sapu some cream on my face. They guys did but the rest of the girls didn’t because PYee alone had already sapu my WHOLE face!

This is the result...

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Those beasts =_=’’’

However, I got 2 personal secretaries helping me to wipe and cleanse my face which is MSin and Teng. Special service for the bday girl. Muahahaha…

Then, everyone suddenly gone mad and played around the area and causing a chaos. I was then realized that there’s a group of kids around 7-8 of them standing in front of our hut looking at us. I’m not sure whether they wanted to join us to play or simply think that we are mad people.

We played with cream and PYee kena the most because of her playful personality. However, those guys were gentlemen enough to help her to wipe after playing. Good good…

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Darn happy that MSin came! Must take lots and lots of pics with her!!!!!

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MSin, me and Teng were the famous 3 musketeers who are always busy with our club’s works and fooling in and outside of the class. That's why many teachers know about us. Hahaha…those were the days…Now sau san d (retired). Oh, i went back the other day to collect my SPM cert and some teachers can still recognise me. Shit, image memang terjejas liao... =_='''

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I don't know why the picture can only see my head. I ain't a ghost k!!! But, imagine if a head suddenly appear in the middle of the pic taken. CHOIIII!!!! So scary la...

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Those guys requested to take picture with me only =P Guess what, me and Chee Hoong were actually sitting on KWah’s lap.

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Enough of playing d. Time to change our destination. Next was to yamcha at William’s. Teng gotto fetch MSin, Florence and SMei home first because they got curfew. So, YMan accompany Teng. I follow SLing’s car to go to the William’s with the guys first.

Reached William’s but the place was full. Saw a few ex-seaparkians there too. Finally we got a place to seat but it took too long for them to serve us (half an hour) and we decided to change venue again.

Confirmed Wong Kok Char Chan Teng in ss2. SLing and I arrived first and we gotto wait for our table because it was packed too! Man, got soooo many ppl’s bday on the 12th because I saw a few tables with bday cakes.

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Everyone arrived and we chatted for more than 1 hour over there. Those waiters there even had fun serving us because we were fooling with them too. Atleast the waiters there are friendly and sporting. XD

Finally the 4 guys left the place first and left the 4 of us there continue chatting. Sling drove home by herself and Teng drop YMan back to her house before go back to my house. Reached home around 12 something, almost 1am. I found 1 pink watch on my table. Don’t know who gave me and my dad bought me a webcam eventhough he gave me angpau for bday. Yeahhh….

Teng bath first while I on9 to upload those pictures. We then looked through those photos taken included our old photos back in high school. Laughed at how nerd we looked like back then.

We chatted about a lot of things included this XX who lied a lot to us since high school and XX thought we didn’t know. We pretend to be stupid only and listen to XX’s story and how he/she blow water to us about how famous he/she is and how many partner he/she has had so far. Worst of all is, XX even forgot what he/she had said to us and the story didn’t match the first part told earlier. What a fool!

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Itu wa punya extra blanket. Cis...

So tired but we still sleep around 4.40am. I didn’t bully my guest. She insisted to sleep on the floor!

However, thanks a lot to my buddies for adding another memorable memory to my life. Thanks to:
Teng and CHowe who planned for the whole celebration and surprises
YMan who gotto rush all the way from her college
XYuan for coming up all the way from Melacca!
MSin for coming eventhough u were busy
Florence who just came back from Spore on the 11th. U came straight to my house to pass me my bday presents somemore. I know u r very tired. Next time u should have rest at home
SLing for deferring her appointment
Suet Mei for coming eventhough your chee muis are not free to come

Thanks everyone!!!

Btw, the long sleeve shirt given by the guy(s) is damnnnnnn nice man! Got taste wo u… It was really sweet and nice. I loved it soooo much! Thanks to Florence for the watch, hp hanger and souvenir that u bought from Spore, Teng n YMan for that beautiful wallet, Sling for erm…better not to mention here. Like didn’t give face to her pula. U guys can guess but I don’t guarantee will give u the answer. Muahahaha…. Thanks to my parents, 2 brothers and grandma for your angpau-s. Lovely… ^.^

Thanks for adding soooo many sweet memories to me!
Happie happie…

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