Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dreams. Not Deja Vu!

Mari kita laungkan bersama-sama....MERDEKA, MERDEKA, MERDEKA!!!

Patriotik betul semua orang.

I had many dreams lately. But, as everyone knows, we can't exactly remember clearly what our dreams is the moment we woke up in the morning. But i remembered this clearly because it was really SCARY!!!

It started with our gang inside a submarine under the sea. So, i suppose we are on holidays somewhere in a beautiful island because the sea was crystal clear and very beautiful. We actually got a submarine on our own and a tour guide with us. It sounded rather ridiculous and impossible...but, HEY!!! It's only a dream okie...No harm to dream man. Free of charge 1 somemore.

Weird is, those sea animals that we saw actually represented us! Which means, anything happens to them, it happens to us too! I can't remember which animals represented everyone but i remembered i am a dolphin (just a dream la), Siu Fai is a shark O_O''' and Jordan is a Dugong!!!!!!!Muahahahahahhhaaa...........................

Dugong man! Something which is going to extinct d wo. Lucky u! If i'm not mistaken, it's either MYoong or Sylvia is a clown fish and YHui is a starfish =_=''' The rest i can't remember d la.

All of us were enjoying the beautiful (represents us wo. Of course must say beautilful) sea creatures and were chatting happily in the submarine when i spotted something was amiss. I saw the dugong suddenly stopped moving and the body turned over! It wasn't moving at all and the body started floating up.

I quickly ask MYoong..

Me: Eh MYoong, look at that Dugong. How come the body turned over and stopped moving already 1?
MY: I don't know la. Maybe he is putting up some show to impress us kua. U know la, Dugong very smart 1 wat.
Me: U sure or not??? Sea creature will pretend to be dead to impress the tourists 1 meh? I don't see clownfish doing the same thing also. Btw, Dugong really smart 1 ka? I thought bodoh bodoh 1 tim...
MY: If not, i don't know la. But, couldn't be it's dead kua =_=''
Me: I think he's really dead la!! OMG!!!

Both of us quickly turned to look at Jordan (as i've said earlier, what happened to those sea creatures, it happens to us). But he looked absolutely fine! He was chatting and laughing happily with LiLee and Sylvia.

So, i asked him "Jordan, are you feeling alright? Do u feel sick or anything?" Jordan looked at the both of us with a serious expression and replied, "Yea, i'm feeling fine. Why ask?"

"But, your Dugong is dead la. U see (sambil point at the dead Dugong)... How come u r alrite pula?"

Jordan then smiled at me.

SUDDENLY, water started gushing out from every part of his body!!! Water was gushing out from his mouth, nose, eyes, ears, nails and etc. It looked damn scary (i'm serious!). Just like those horror movies u see in cinema T_T

Worst of all is, while all these were happening to him, he is STILL smiling at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jordan remained smiling while his body has started to rot. Why must u smile at me ar??? Cannot smile at Lilee ar, MYoong or Ken 1 meh?

All of us were terrified but we can't escape because we were all trapped in that submarine under the sea. I forgot what happened after that but it was damn scary and that scene is still fresh in my mind even after a few days T_T

Yealer, people might say that it is just a dream. Nothing 1. But....but.....but.....

Sometimes, my dreams really do come true! Of course those which is logic, realistic and can happen in real life 1 la. I do write down some of my dreams (those i can remember) and guess what, some really happened to me!!! =_=''' Scary or not?

I remembered telling AX that i dreamt of her paktho-ing with CH (back then when i'm still in F2) and she said it was totally impossible because she don't really know that guy and they both never chat before. Moreover, that guy was in F4 while we r just a F2 students. Damn impossible and they laughed at my ridiculous dream. However in less than 2 months, both of them became an item and what they did in class is exactly the same as my dream! Not deja vu la... Cuz i told my frens clearly what i saw in my dreams and they were shocked too when they saw it happens in real life.

Another time, i told my bro that i dreamed of myself selling CNY stuffs with a chinese girl with short hair in 1u and i was speaking lots and lots of mandarin to customers. That girl with short hair even taught me how to read some chinese words written over the lanterns and those CNY stuffs just in case customers who are buta cina like me ask. I don't believe it too because it is impossible for me to sell CNY stuffs as i can't read chinese words (who wants to employ a buta cina orang to sell CNY stuffs right? It's like 'the blind leading the blind' or sumtin like that) Moreover, i don't speak mandarin also. My bro and i just laughed at my funny dream.

Not long later, i went for a interview and got a job selling CNY deco few weeks before the CNY =_=''' When i saw a girl walking towards me and another guy promoter, i actually thought that she looked familiar and straight away i can guess that she was my senior. That guy who is suppose to intro that girl to me was shocked and asked if i had already knew her before hand. I said no and i was just plain guessing. We both became close on the 1st day itself. When she started to teach me some chinese words, i realized that that scene was familiar and i thought i had deja vu! Then only i remembered about the dream i told my bro back then. After work, i quickly went home and ask my bro if he remembered something like that that i've told him and he said YES!!!

Kowaii... =_='''

There are many more but i think u all are not interested to know. So, that's it. Luckily i wrote down some of the dreams i remembered. If not, i will think i myself got mental problem already. U all will be visiting me in mental hospital liao...Most probably will be admitted to the hospital that my mum works in. Mum even told me that patients with mental illness lived in Level 4 (of dunno which building) sumore because each time i laughed non-stop at home, she'll say...

"U are like those patient in level 4 la. They always laughed non-stop and without a reason just like u"

T_T Damn cruel....

Neway, those that happened is sumtin that make sense la. But since this (Jordan's case) is like, totally ridiculous, no worries then. Nothing will happen 1 ler ^.^ Be positive a bit!

Damn, i even dreamt of me arguing with X over 'lou shu' (mouse in canto) because both of them became an item and his bloody mouth cannot stop talking bout me! So, in order to defend her bf, X argued with me and eventually, she ended up alone with lou shu because everyone cannot stand her bf =_=''' Damn scary wei... this case is not ridiculous and it might happens 1 fine day la! Die lor... Miss X, u won't scold our gang because of lou shu 1 right? Muahahahaa.... i have faith in u! =_='''

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