Thursday, August 24, 2006

4 In 1

Damn lazy to post so many entries. So, i might as well combine all into 1. Save time and energy! Muahahaha... Moreover, people now prefer to be a silent reader. So, no point wasting my time ler =P

We (me, MYoong, Lilee, YHui, Sylvia, Ken, Jordan, MFai, Mun Wai and 2 of Jordan's friends) went to Bangsar Village few weeks back to help Sylvia to choose her new spec and had our lunch with Jordan's friends at the chinese coffee shop near MYoong's house. MYoong recommended the pork noodles over there and it is simply delicious! Yummy~

Jordan then left with MFai and his friends to MV. So, left Ken to fetch us back to Help for marketing class. MYoong wanted to have a look at a boutique outside of the BV and all of us teman her. The clothes there are nice and moreover, got discount somemore but....dammit! All freaking small la! They are selling clothes for people like Sylvia's size only. If it's true, i wish you selamat chap lap (close shop) la..

Next, we went to the Blook! Ken was damnnnnnnnnnnn patient!!!! He waited for us while we were looking at the clothes without any complain! He even persuade us to try those clothes on. Yealar...i know... malu ma if look only but didn't try. Muahaha....

So in the end, LiLee and YHui decided to try the dress over there.
Look at how yeng Ken is while waiting for the 2 ladies to change in the fitting room. However, it is worth it because in return, we get to see the feminine side of these 2 ladies.

LiLee looked damn sweet in this pink halter neck dress! Sweet like candies~ I've sent this picture over to MFai and i guess he'll be drooling everyday by looking at this picture.

The next to parade is....

YungHui!! When she first came out from the fitting room, i told MYoong that she looked like a barbie doll in this dress! So cute..... But it seems like she's not so comfortable. Maybe she don't get used to wearing dress or perhaps, the dress is not comfortable =_=''' Tak tau la..

Next is Irene's birthday on 18th of August. Ngam ngam 1 week after mine! Yerrrrr.....1 week older than her tim. Cis~ Hahahaha..jkjk....

Since the 4 of us are not going for Irene's birthday celebration because we didn't receive any much info, so we thought that it might be EXTREMELY not sincere to just pay and that's it, our job is done! No no no....cannot cannot!!

We must respect Irene. We must let her know that the 4 of us are 100% sincere to celebrate her birthday. So..............................

The 4 of us decided to buy her a present on our own instead of sharing!

Got her a white dress from Samuel & Kevin. It is damn nice and best of all is, got a hood somemore! Irene's favourite lor...So that she can pretend to be a rapist in the class Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting wahahaha... We handed over the dress to her during the FLAW class and we jokingly ask her to change it now so that we can see whether it fits or not.

To my surprise, this sporting girl quickly went to the toilet to change!!! Now, that's what i call sporting!

Happy Irene. It fits her perfectly somemore. Hope you likes it ya. We truly and sincerely wish u a HApPy 19th BiRtHDaY!!!

After the class, Jordan, Sylvia, MYoong, YHui and i went to 1u to find MFai for dinner. See la how waii taii we are! Em sik jou also because didn't belanja us makan. We won't ask u to belanja expensive expensive 1 also. Fish & Co mai enough lor cuz i wanna eat fish!

We girls had a great shopping in 1u where all of us bought earrings. But, Sylvia and i bought the most earrings la. Then, MYoong and i bought a skirt each in 1u too! Damn cheap bcuz it is only RM2o each. Damn happy la the both of us. So in conclusion, i spent the most money on that day T_T
Heartache now... But still very happy and satisfied. Talk about the total utility..... =_='''

MFai, WHERE ARE YOU LOOKING AT AR??? U want Lilee to pull your ear is it? Ham sap chai... Kap also hide hide a bit la. Kena tangkap gambar lagi... =_=''' Can't believe MYoong's skirt costs RM20 only. Unbelieveable!!!

Went around shopping somemore so that MFai can curi tulang longer. Muahahaa...

Couple of the year. Forever 21 so sweet. Wey wey... jaga la sikit our feelings T_T

MYoong claimed that she looked like a cancer patient here while MFai said i looked like i wanna go to pek ppl =_=''' I where got so violent. Had dinner in the Old Town cafe located right beside the TGV in old wings. The food there is not too bad and it's cheap but it come in a small portion.

This is roughly how the Old Town cafe looks like. All of us took a personal picture each because the lighting in there make all of us looked pretty good. Must be humble a bit la.

Jordan was posing with Sylvia's earring. In order not to be left out, MFai grabbed my skirt and posed along too +_+ Apa la u...

On Monday, 21/08/2006, all of us decided to wear skirts. It was the first time for me, MYoong and YHui to wear skirts to college. We are now breaking the norm.

Many were surprised especially Sim girl's gang. Timmy they all were quite surprise too. Sim guy even asked izzit monday is Skirt Day =_=''' He even said we should have make up too for a complete look. U think prom ka? =______=''''

While we were taking pictures, i saw Phoebe and her friends waiting for her next class to start. Since i was the only 1 who knows her, i dragged her and her friends to take picture along with us because they are wearing skirts as well.

My favourite picture of the day! Sook Hui (girl on the right) is so pretty and cute la. See whose skirts is the shortest. This picture is specially taken for Sim la. Reason? Secret la...muahahahaha...

More pictures on above, can see Yung Hui's blog la. Lazy to blog so much...

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