Monday, July 31, 2006

Waiting For F.I.R's Latest Album to Release

F.I.R will be releasing their latest album called "Flight Tribe" soon. Well, i heard that it had already been released on the 28th but i'm not so sure. Gotto go and check out the music store by this weekend (hopefully). I loveeeee them and their songs VERY MUCH!

Gosh, Faye got even prettier and Real (the young guy. Not that man with moustache k!!!) had changed his hairstyle. Kinda like Nicholas Teo's hairstyle d. Obviously, only Ian remained unchanged after so many years. Maybe because he's too oldmature to change his image or he wanted to maintain his trademark moustache+sunglasses.

Teng, u should be happy that your 'uncle' decided not to change his image la. If not, he's not MAN d. WAhahhaa....

Here's the short clip i got from youtube. Enjoy... F.I.R-Fei Xing Bu Luo (i don't even know what it means =_=''' Buta cina wei)

If cannot open, click here to go straight to youtube then...

I still think Sue Anne looked very much like Faye la >.<

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