Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Surprised Birthday for Manpreet

Yesterday night i slept around 5 something am and as a result, i overslept this morning. The moment i look into the mirror, i saw 2 fresh new pimples on my face T_T My hair was horrible, bad hair day T___T Worst of all is, my eyes were swollen like fishballs because i was lack of sleeps T________T And i gotto go out to meet people. I looked really horrible. Not a good day for me. Since Wilber Pan won't be around, i don't care la...

Suppose to reach Help at 12pm and meet up in front of the Help Desk. I reach there around 12.25pm and i see none of my friends around. So, i called YHui and Shu Ying to locate them but none of them pick up my call T_T

For a moment, i thought i came on the wrong day.

Call and call but they still didn't pick up my phone. So i thought of maybe i should go home and continue to kinggai with chau kong's son then. While i was on the way to the exit, i saw the birthday girl! She asked me where am i going and i told her that i'm walking around looking for the rest (takkan i say that i wanna go home right?) She said that the rest is in McD and we both shall make a move quick because we were late. Fated that i cannot run away =_='''

When we both reached the staircase (beside the fruit shop), SYing called me (finally!) and i told her that the both of us were on the way to McD. She asked me to bring Manpreet to walk around first because they haven't set up the cake yet.

=_=''' That's a tough job that i gotto do. I always got the toughest job...

I quickly asked Manpreet to stop!!! She was shocked O_O and stood there quietly while me and SYing were conversing in Cantonese so that she won't understand. When i put down the phone, i am still clueless on what i should do to her. SYing said that needed 3-4minutes for the preparation.

I told her that they had change the venue to Secret Recipe and since everyone hasn't arrive yet, why don't she accompany me to Giant to buy something. I was walking around the Giant and i don't know what to buy. Finally i got myself Halls sweets because it's the cheapest sweets around +_+ (now it's still place nicely in my handbag, untouched).

SYing called to inform me that i can go back to McD. So i told Manpreet that the rest decided to stick back to McD instead T_T Lie a lot to the bday girl leh...So guilty...

We went in and the cake was on the table with the candles being lighted and everyone sang the bday song. She was so happy and surprised of course. She said that i was good in acting earlier ^.^ Paiseh paiseh... Nicole Kidman is my tou tai (student) ok!

Those who came is the most repected person, Uncle Kenny Leong, ShuYing the eagle, the cool Khai Shien, funny I-rene, cute cute Zixian, the artistic YHui, unpredictable MYoong, playful SWen and me! Lilee couldn't come because her parents are going to outstation and therefore, she got no transport.

Zixian was the first to ask me whether i don't have enough sleeps is it because my eyes were swollen. Wahh....her eyes are so sharp =_= Make me think of Chong and gang because they can notice easily if i had enough sleeps or not.

Not long later, Vivin arrived and she looked fabulous with her double eyelid (fake 1). We sat there and chatted for more than 1 hour. Oh, we took lots pictures too with Zixian and Irene's Olympus camera. We basically had our own conversation and Manpreet is a bit quiet. Maybe we hadn't see her for a long time and that's why she cannot click with us???

She kept on asking me questions because she's kinda bored. After the photography session, we then departed. Kenny went back to work, SYing and KShien walk back to the wifi area while YHui and I go for our lunch in the Mama's Kitchen. The rest stayed back in McD.

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Manpreet cutting the Chocolate Indulgence's body

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The 1st group gathering since our Degree Year 1 started ^ ^

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Pop singer WanYian was spotted celebrating her friend's bday in McD without make up! Is she looking at porn pics?
Aihhh....Paparazzi's everywhere... =_='''

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Uncle with his usual hamsap face..muahahahaa...

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#!%$&*1# Uncle, next time say lah 1,2,3 before u snap =_='''
SYing's face reads: What? Still wanna take my pic ar? U neva let ppl whack u b4 is it? Wanna feel the heaven is it?
She looked damn beh song...

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Manpreet and me. What an honour!
Stupid pimple on the nose ruined my image T_T

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