Sunday, July 02, 2006

Story of Spider and Bee

The spider is feeling not satisfied at all, then he ask his mom : Why want me to marry honey bee?

The mom said : Eventhough honey bee is a bit noisy, but she is atleast an air stewardess

Spider said : But i prefer the mosquito

Mom of spider said : Don't ever think of the nurse, give injection also not proper, last time make me swollen


The honey bee also feel not satisfied, then she asked her mom : Why want me to marry the spider?

Mom of the honey bee said : No doubt the spider is a bit ugly, but atleast he is doing networking...

Honey bee said : But i prefer the ant...

Mom of honey bee said : Don't ever mention the skinny KULI, whole day carry things here and there, don't even have his own lorry

Honey bee said : The neighbour Fly also not bad...

Mom of honey bee said : He is actually handsome, but you can't just choose a shit collector

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