Friday, July 14, 2006

No Bon Odori for me this year!


So damn sad.

I was looking forward towards the Bon Odori because i had missed it for 3 years already. It's always due to the wrong timing (eg exams). I thought this year i might be able to attend because i really wanted to see how great it is. My brother who will be going, promised to fetch me along.

However, he said that the car is now full because he got too many friends going. T_T Gotto sacrifice me wo...SO EVIL LA U!!!

It's like telling me that i'll be getting married tomorrow and then suddenly inform me that the bridegroom is a gay....

Do you know how sad and disappointed i am? Sigh... Guess it's fated that i should stay at home to study for the upcoming exams. But, as everyone knows, i'm a very laidback person. I always do last minute studies/work. Still haven't feel the pressure la...

Brother, seems like friends are more important to you huh? T_T Maybe i should sabotage your birthday on monday muahahahhaa...

Or i shall hide your shoes so that you gotto wear that old slippers to Bon Odori. >.< Let all the lengluis in kimono laugh at your laupek slippers. Look who got the last laugh...muahahaha....
I'm more evil!

I hope that he'll sik jou a bit. Buy me something from there to pujuk me eventhough i know 99.99% he won't. Atleast let me dream a bit. Erm... I wanted a kimono, a japanese clog, japanese sushi and a japanese guy *drool*

But in the end i think i'll get the free fan given to them during from the entrance instead. Somemore my bro said he'll take lots and lots of photos to show me in return. Damn u... Bring me a kawaii jap guy in return la...

By the way, i had make my font size bigger so that it's easier for you all to read. Good luck to everyone on your exams!

P/S-Soli ar YHui...Cannot accompany u to the Bon Odori. Me also very disappointed T_T

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