Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Hungry Ghost Festival

People, the Hungry Ghost Festival had already started today. I didn't realize it until i saw my grandma prying to those 'things' while i'm coming down for dinner. Are you afraid of those things? So, everyone shall stay at home in this 14 days until the festival is over! No point frightening yourself by going out at night to yamcha right?

Dude, don't ask me out to yamcha in this 14days ya because i want to sleep peacefully for this few nights. Even if you come directly to my door step also i don't want to go out because sometimes, i can see those 'things' 1 ler. I rather make a cup of milo panas for you to drink instead of going to mamak with you.

I thought of my grandpa when grandma said that those 'things' will usually come back to visit. Grandpa, are you going to come back? It has been almost half a year since you've left us isn't it? Still miss you very much ler. Grandma always complain that she's lonely without anyone in the house to accompany her or to chit-chat with. Once, i saw her weeping when she's sitting on your favourite chair outside. She missed you very much. Same goes to me.

Bad day today for me. While i was attending the accounting class, i found that i had mixed up the perpetual and periodic account for the mid-term exams! Yikesss.... definitely gonna score badly already because i screwed up the theories section too T_T What to do... that's why i have never like accounting subject. Provided i gotto do 10X harder for the finals so that i won't fail that subject that i hated so much! I hateeee figures!! Sad case...

By the way grandpa, if you are really coming back, mind to give your eldest granddaughter 4 lucky numbers or not? Damn broke la lately and now it's sales already ^.^ If strike, i don't need to save money for shopping in August d =P

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