Thursday, July 20, 2006

Download the Song Here

This saturday i'll be going for a movie called Dorm, by the director of my favourite horror movie, Shutter! Yea....can't wait man. I'm so excited. Hope this movie won't disappoint me because i find the movie Shutther scary. The rest of the horror movies i've watched so far is not scary at all.

Oh, i loveeeee horror movies!

So ladies, the theme for this saturday is..
"Bring out the Best in You".

Understand the meaning and we shall rock the house this saturday!

I'm doing charity today. So many people told me that the song in my blog is nice and asked me where can they download them because they can't find it anywhere. Duh, it's a new song ler...

So instead of me sending the song to everyone, might as well u all download it from my blog.
Nice song right? I got taste 1 eventhough i'm buta cina. Hehehe...

Here you are, download the lastest duet song by Hebe & Fei Lun Hai - Zhi Dui Ni You Gan Jue
Download Here

Faster download before i delete the link. =P

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