Saturday, July 22, 2006

A Day Out To Watch Dorm

Woke up late again this morning +_+ Stupid alarm clock failed to wake the owner up but i'm still taking my own sweet time to get dress up because i know that Teng won't come ON TIME. However, she shocked me today by arriving 5 minutes earlier and came into my house to borrow toilet =_=''' Wey, u never put down 20 cents geh?

Well, today's outing is only Teng, YMan, SLing and me as Florence had already went to Singapore for her 1 month plus training. SO MISS HER T_T The rest of the guys also don't know they die where d. Anyway,i'm lazy to call so many people out on an outing also.

After using my toilet, Teng uses my huge mirror to make up somemore. On top of that, use my eyelash curler and mascara because she forgot to bring hers. You alway take my house as your house 1 hor? Hmph..Next time must charge u money d. This time never open my fridge to take Shandy or ice lemon tea? Suddenly it rained and we both quickly run to the car with Teng's make up half done and half undone. Muahahaha...She looked so funny!

Then guided Teng to the Shell petrol station in Kayu Ara (beside the DJ school) to pump petrol. Her luck is so bad. When she wanted to withdraw money from the ATM machine (inside the Shell petrol station), suddenly the whole petrol station blackout(bcuz it was raining cats and dogs) and causes her atm card got jam inside. But Teng, good in a way is that u won't be spending a lot of money ma ^ ^ Still pity her though because she got to go to the Taman Tun on monday to get her atm card back and yea, all the way from Puchong!

Reach The Curve around 1.25pm and we were 25minutes late! Luckily SLing and YMan didn't ask us to belanja them makan =P YMand and SLing were in the Cineleisure and they said they will walk over to Curve for lunch. So, Teng and i waited in front of the Italiannis(not sure if i gt the spelling correct).

Then, i saw this tall guy in England jersey looked very sweet with his girlfriend. Look properly.... TIMMY leh!!! I called him and he was sooooo freaking shocked as if he saw the pontianak only=_=''' We chatted for a while and he thought i was hanging out with college friends. Sigh...damn blur la u. See Teng also know i'm not going out with college friends already la. When SLing and YMan arrived, i asked Timmy to go on dating and don't disturb my outing with my friends. Hehehe... They both just laughed.

Frankly speaking, they both looked soooo sweet together despite of their different races. Hugging each other like koala bears only. 1 word--> sweet~ I hug what? Lalat ar? =[

The 4 of us were walking around the Curve looking for something to fill our stomach. When we found a restaurant called ViVo something something and we wanted to dine there, i saw Tim and his gf there again. It's a restaurant serving western food like pizzas and fish & chips those stuffs. I don't feel like eating western food and we went around looking for other choices. Everywhere is packed with people and we finally went to..... Kim Gary again!

Damn sad... So disappointed... No mood... Those lengchais that i saw the other day when i went with Jordan they all, were NOT there la. Maybe they work night shift or something. All i can recognise is that fei chai who are a year younger than us only. Remember him?

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Ling is super duper fussy. We need to retake a few times until she's satisfied with the photos taken because she knows i'm going to post it in my blog. eyebags are big HUGE man.

He's still as flirty as ever. Kept on serving our table and each time talked a lot of so-called-jokes with us. So sickening... He kept on talking and teasing me when i said that he was only a year younger than us. I think he had mistaken that i'm interested in him. Sai lou chai is not my cup of tea la =P I remembered when we entered the place, SLing and Teng said that 1 of the waiter there with a funny hairstyle is 'my man'. We even nicknamed him as Donald Duck because of his hair.

So smart to go and tease me. In the end, Donald Duck is interested in Teng because he kept on walking to her side and kept talking to her. Muahahaha..... SLing then said that sai lou is 'my man' instead. =_='' He even came to collect our bill and he gave me the voucher and asked me to keep it PROPERLY and don't lost it!!! He looked so hamsap and he seems like he's up to something like that. Don't lost it? U think it's love letter meh...

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Eh Teng, your Donald Duck's behind!!

That sai lou is so nice. He stood near the entrance and said bye bye to us with a 45 degrees bow. "Something" funny+embaressing happened when we were leaving the shop and causes those diners to look at us. That sai lou opened the door for us somemore. All SLing's fault! Make all of us no face...T_T

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Yoke Man from UTAR -> Shen Ling from KDU -> Hui Teng from Binary
I'm from HELP. The 4 of us were from 4 different colleges! If Florence's here, she's from Reliance.

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Posers!!! Muahaha... Timmy is obviously shocked to see me in skirts as i never wear skirts to college before!

Walked over to the Cineleisure as the rain had already reside. The Cineleisure is really nothing to see or to shop because not even a single shop is open. Only cinemas! Well, there were sooo many people queing to buy tickets. Luckily we had already bought it earlier. They even place some sofas in front of the entrance for people to wait for their cinema hall to be ready.

Jordan was right. The cinema is nice and new and i loveee the seats. It's sooo comfortable! I'm lovin it.

Talked about the movie i watched, Dorm. It's NOT SCARY AT ALL!!! Kanina... not even a single scene is scary. Well, i admit that the story plot is nice and touching. (Spoiler here. Don't read if u wanna watch it) It's about this boy named Chatree was being sent to the boarding school by his father. At first, he got bullied by this group of boys because he was the new student. Later, he get to know this boy named Vichien and soon, they both became good friends. Chatree then got to know that Vichien is a ghost and he was the one got drown in the school's pool. However, he knew that Vichien didn't mean to hurt him nor do anything bad to him, he decided to remain good friends with him.

The sad part is because Vichien was drown in the pool and it wasn't time for his spirit to go for rebirth, everyday he has to repeat the same drowning process. Chatree then decided to help Vichien from going through all this so that his soul may rest in peace. After he had helped Vichien, Vichien then had to go and leave Chatree. Chatree later got to mingle with the group of boys that bullied him earlier.

Man, those boys can act and they are quite funny!

The story is about the pure friendship between this 2 boys and how they helped each other. The story is fantastic and touching plus a little bit funny here and there. Erm...erm....i even cried while watching it. Really sad. Luckily i didn't watch it with college friends. If not, they'll be laughing at me d T_T All of us cried except for Teng because she said she was too numb to cry as the cinema is way too cold. Cold blooded la u...

Luckily the story is nice and managed to convince me eventhough it's not scary. If not, i'll be complaining about it till i go home because i love the Shutter movie so much. Moreover, the 2 main actor is quite good looking *drool* Hehhee.... Chatree is cute looking while Vichien is handsome. Thai boys are not bad looking afterall. Hahaha...except for old uncles la.

For my opinion, i think this movie is not bad. Too bad it's not scary =( However, if u've watched it and u find it not nice, don't debate with me because each of us has our own opinion. In conclusion...

Story line = B+

Level of horror = Z

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This is how Cineleisure looks like. Pity SLing gotto pose alone XD

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