Thursday, June 01, 2006

Touching Love Story

Julia is a 13 years old girl who had a heart problem. She had difficulties of having a boyfriend because she wasn't pretty enough and moreover, she is sick. She was the only child that her parents have.

She moved from one place to another and therefore, she changed school too. There, she was in this new school named One Tree High. She was scared as people over there might make fun of her but she was used to it. The next day she was late to school and while she was rushing, she bump into this guy...


Their books fell and both started apologising to each other. He was a popular guy in school, the most handsome and talented soccer player too. His name is Mike.

Coincidently, they both were in the same class and so, they chatted along the way to class. Both got scolded by their teacher for being late. After that, the teacher introduce the new student to the class

"Class, this is Julia, our new classmate. Let's give her the warmest welcome!"

Everyone started to whisper to each other after knowing that she was someone with the heart problem except for Mike. After 2 month, they became really close and eventually, they became a couple. Everyone started making fun of Mike especially his football team mates and even his best friends. They asked him why he became Julia's boyfriend as Julia is sick and that's a stupid choice. Mike just said,

"I just love her... She meant a lot to me. When feeling comes, nothing else matters".

Julia heard the conversation and ran out from the main gate. Mike quickly chase after her. She cried and said that she don't want to be his burden, spoil his reputation and being make fun of by his peers.

He stopped her and give her a peck on the cheek and said, "I love you... We will never be seperated and nothing will come between us".

5 months later, Julia was feeling terrible with her heart problem. Mike often send her for check-ups so that she can get well soon. But, he didn't know that her illness is getting more and more serious as the days went on.

One day, Mike received a call from Julia's mother, "Julia's in a bad condition now, it may be fatal. Come here quickly!"

He took a cab over and the doctor told him that she had only 30% chance of surviving. He was devastated... He then ask the doctor if he could do anything to help her.

6 hours later...
"Julia... Julia... Are you feeling ok?" her mum asked.

Julia slowly open her eyes, "Yea...I'm alright, feeling much better already. Mum, where's Mike? Is he here in the hospital? I miss him so much!"

Her mum looked at her. Trying very hard not to cry.

"Julia, you must be prepared to hear this. He donated his heart to you just to save you. And it cost his life. He had passed away..."

Julia put her hands at her heart and cried. She couldn't believe that Mike sacrificed himself just to save her.

(Such a touching story... Hoped that everyone can find someone like Mike, who loves you whole heartedly no matter what happens)

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