Saturday, June 03, 2006

Meeting My Grandpa

As the title may sound, yes, i 'meet' my grandpa today. Initially i don't have to follow my dad and grandma to Ipoh because i have to be the driver to fetch my mum and my little brother. However, last minute my mum stayed back for friend's kenduri and therefore, my bro and i will go to Ipoh.

My 3rd uncle's mother-in-law had always seek this medium from Ipoh because it is believed that she's the best because everything she said was true. Since my grandpa had passed away, my grandma wanted to know whether his life in 'the other world' is good or not and that is why, she agreed to follow along. My uncle's mother in law needs to book 1week earlier in order to get a place! Just imagine, how famous this lady medium is...

I'm not a religious person. That is why when i heard about such thing, the first thing that came into my mind was, "It must be fake. Where got such thing as invite the spirit up to the human world to talk to us? Those people are just trying to con people". So, my mission to Ipoh this is to see how REAL it is because i don't believe things which are not SCIENTIFICALLY proven.

Woke up at 4.30am. Yes, there's no typing error. It is 4.30AM!!! I haven't even sleep yet by that time but i gotto get up already. Left my house at 5.30am and meet at my 3rd uncle's house. The journey takes 2hours to arrive at Ipoh. Wasted sometime there to wait for some of my aunt's relatives to arrive.

I used to think that the place will be a dark and old temple, a eerie surrounding with lots of black gagak around, the people there have a scary looking face as well (that's what Hong Kong dramas showed what!). Hell, i was darn wrong!

It was just a ordinary small single storey house which looked quite old. Inside of the house is very simple. Tables and chairs on the left and a bigger table with 5 Buddha statues on the corner right of the house. The chinese medium lady is in fact, a middle age lady who dyed her hair red and she looked very decent too. Can't believe that she would be the 1 kena rasuk later =_='''

It started at 9am and the fella who got no 1 (we got no 2) didn't arrive or something and therefore, we go 1st. The lady sat in front of the table on the corner right with those buddha statues. My aunt's family go 1st and she 'invited' her dad who had passed away many years ago to see their Cheah families. I was curious! Really curious whether it is for real or not.

Before it starts, the lady closed her eyes and explained something to them. I can't hear clearly as those NUISANCE people sitting behind was talking VERY loudly!!! More like screaming instead. I was f**king pissed off because they should be waiting outside for their turn. They came into the house to kepo and listen to what the lady said. I almost stood up and scream at them!

So, after a brief explanation to my aunt's families, the lady then lies down on the table (like sleeping). After a few seconds, she suddenly shivers and...


I was so shocked bcuz it was my 1st time encountering such things! Her voice is actually very sweet and soft. After that shivers, her voice changed! Once she started talking, she speaks in a very fluent Hakka! That lady was a Cantonese and she doesn't know how to speak other languages ok! Moreover, how come she knew that my aunt's families speak Hakka?

I still convince myself that it's not true. Well, in Malaysia, many people know how to speak Hakka, Hokkien, Canto, Mandarin and those common chinese languages. But, not for Hainanese! Out of 20 hainanese people, i think oni 1 fella can speak the language. So, i was waiting eagerly for our turn and i want to know whether she can speaks Hainanese or not.

My aunt's session took about 20mins and then it was our turn! Yes, I AM VERY EXCITED!! I really wanted to prove to people that all this things is NOT TRUE!

When we were sitting beside the lady (on her left), her eyes were closed. Her voice is really sweet and soft. We told her my grandpa's name, where he's from and where he was buried. That's it! She then calculated something with her right hand and after that, she surprised me with everything she said...

She was actually 'reading' my grandpa's life book before he passed away. Well, i tell some to u all about what she said..

She said, "Oh, he's a really old man. He died of old age isn't it? When he passed away, he's already in his late 80s. He came from Mainland and while he migrate over here, his age had been added extra 1 year. During his funeral, his age was added 3 years and therefore, 91 years old when he passed away right?(All true!) He has managed to go through 2 stages before he died. The 1st was the first time was many years ago and it was his first time he being admitted to hospital (true! i was in primary school that time and we were staying at my grandpa's house during the holidays when he suddenly became very sick and then admitted to hospital). The second time was when 1 of his nerves was being blocked and ever since, he often has breathing difficulties. That is the 2nd stage he has been through. The last stage is the 1 that took his life away..."

Damn, she is REALLY reading my grandpa's life history book dunno from where!

She then continues, "Because he was very weak before he dies, now he still haven't recover yet. He is still extremely weak. Because he was so uncomfortable before he dies (due to the breathing difficulties), he has got a little bit temper, just to let u all know (damn true). So, i'll try to bring him 'here'. If he's really too weak and couldn't move, we need to cancel it and then u all no need to pay la. Is it ok? If he's able to come up, u all need to hold him because he is really too weak."

SUDDENLY, she turned to the right, facing the wall and talks!!!! She nodded, said whispered something and turned back to us and said, "Oh, your father (referring to my aunt's dad juz now) said that he wants you all to burn some shirts and underwears for him. He wanted extra large. Can you all do it?"

After discussing and came to a conclusion, yes, the lady then turned back to the wall on her right and started talking again... It freaks me out a little bit though. She then said he(my aunt's dad) will stand there to watch because his in law (my grandpa) will be coming up. He wanted to see him too =_='''

She lies on the table again and after a shiver, she lifted her head. I was nervous. Can she really speaks Hainanese???

"Ah Di bo lai gai?" was the first things he said. It means how come my 2nd uncle didn't come in hainanese! Arghhhhhh.....!!!! How come they lady knew that my 2nd uncle didn't come? And, she can really speaks hainanese all of a sudden!! They pronunciation and the way he speaks, behave and facial expression is exactly the same as my grandpa! From that moment, i take back all my words about how i don't believe this kind of weird stuffs.

We chatted with grandpa a little and he said that he can't go home to see my grandma is because he is too weak. The 'doctors' and 'nurses' there doesn't allow him to go home. He also said that he likes the house that we bought for him and etc.

So, each of the grandchildrens went to hold my grandpa/that lady's hand and my grandpa was very excited to see us eventhough not every grandchildrens were present. I was the last to approach because i was the eldest grandchildren there (my tai kor didn't go) and the moment i hold my grandpa's hand, I said...

"Grandpa, I'm Ah Yian, can you recognise me?"
He nodded his head and started crying...
"How are you doing over there?" i said
He replies, "I'm feeling better now" and was sobbing away
"You must take good care of yourself ok?"
He nodded his head again

The next thing i realise was, my eyes were watery...But i forced myself not to cry and i was holding the lady's hand tighly and refuse to let go. I knew that if i let go, i can never see/feel grandpa again. Grandpa then turned to grandma who is already crying and holds her hand. They both console each other not to cry while wiping their tears away.

Grandpa's last wish before he leave was, "I want you all to go back to Hainan Island to build my parent's tombstone properly... That's my last wish". He was still crying before he left...
He then lies on the table, after a shiver, the lady with the sweet voice is back.

After this sort of encounter, i finally know that sometimes, there are many things that can't be explain in this world. For instance, this case. How can that lady mimic my grandpa's facial expression exactly the same and speak the same slang as my grandpa? She knew everything by just calculating i don't know what with her fingers. Moreover, she can even recognise everyone who are present over there. Sometimes, there are things in this world that is can't be explain.

Grandpa, for once i felt so close and yet, so far away from you. The moment you looked at me and cried, my heart really aches and i knew that i can never see you again. I always thought that after so many months, i had already got over it. But nope, i still miss you dearly...

-Take care-

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