Monday, May 22, 2006

TaNJoBi OmEDeTo To sUeT Mei!

Ah MUI!!! Happy 19th Birthday to U!!!

Holy crap...i 4got to wish u ler as i was extremely busy during this holidays. Asked u to join us yamcha but u can't go because it was too late at nite. Soli dear....i really 4got bout it!

D other day i met u at da kelana lrt and ur bf too. Heck, didn't get to wish u since u were leaving oledi tat time. has been dunno how many years ago since i last saw ur bf (dun dare to mention his name la....cuz i 4got how to spell his name! >.<)

He really lengchai jor..

Well, every1 looked sucks in high skool rite? Neway, i know u do read my blog...So paiseh la me...Ur bday present is on da way k?

May u have a wonderful year ahead... Muaks~~

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