Monday, April 17, 2006

A ReLaXiNg OuTiNg

During the not-so-long and yet, not-so-short holidays given by the HELP University College, kanina A and kanina B decided to ask me, bangau A and bangau B out for dinner.

Kanina means gan lei la in hokkien. Still don't get it? Meaning RAPE U LA!!

Well, both the kaninas suggested that the 4 of us should try out the PORRIDGE steamboat restaurant located at Pudu, KL. Call me 'katak di bawah tempurung' or what so ever. I really never heard about porridge steamboat before! I guess it was quite special and agreed to join them.

In order to help kanina B to save petrol, i asked my dad (ayah bangau) to send me over to bangau B's house in Bangsar. I reached her house around 7.10pm and waited for the 2 kaninas to arrive. In the end, they were freaking late! Make me and bangau B starve to death only.

I was pissed! So, in order to release my anger, i went to bangau B's toilet to piss.

Washing hand halfway, the 2 kaninas arrived. Causes me to rush out and wear my socks in hurry. U asshole!

On the way to the restaurant, we were chatting and laughing away when i suddenly remembered that Li Lee has been baptist or something and therefore, she's a real Chatolik now. She even have a english name.

Nope u r wrong, it's not Lily. It's something else instead. Ask her if u want to know. Kanina A and B had a hard time remembering Li Lee's name. What's so hard? I loveee that name man!

Finally arrived and a nice security guard helped/ direct us to park da car in front of a 2nd hand car shop. When we get down the car, he said... "tolong bayar RM2 untuk parking"

+_+ That land is yours meh? So smart. Atleast he knows how to earn some "extra" cash while working.

Before entering the shop, u can see a few newspaper cut outs pasted nicely on the entrance door. I can oledi guess it should be great even before eating it.

Well, the 2 girls push the 'ordering' work to the 2 guys. We just sit there and chat only. We're so evil! But not long after, bangau B became extremely quiet. Reason? She was damn hungry! 3 of us were so afraid that she might faint and quickly ask her to eat 1st when the food arrived.

I even wondered, is it dinner or supper? We had our dinner at 9 something almost 10pm! Well, normal for some but, my usual dinner time is at 7pm. I think they want my friends to visit me in the hospital la.

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Loads and loads of food! Yummy~

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This pot of porridge is enough to make u drool isn't it?

It was really delicious! Best of all is, it guarantees u'll be full because it's porridge.

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Let me introduce to u from left to right, kanina A and kanina B.

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The 2 ting ting dai ming geh bangau A and bangau B.

After leaving the Farmland restaurant with a full stomach and RM 70++, we headed straight to the Bukit Bintang for a walk.

Went around for a walk and to enjoy the night life of the KL people. Maybe because it was on monday, so it wasn't that crowded and happening compared to the days over the weekend.

Along the street near the BB plaza, those uncles kept on asking MFai and Jordan to go for a foot reflexology. 1 of them even make an eye signal to them after handed over the flier to MFai. What is that suppose to mean??? Special foot reflexology services in the hotel room is it?

I dare the both of them to go man. See whether Li Lee and Sylvia pull their ears or not la.

So, we walked around the area and enjoying the cool and breezy weather on that day.

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We, fooling in front of the Planet Hollywood

In the end, we settle down at the Waffle Stop and had a huge chocolate cookies waffle or something as dessert. Muahaha....we sure eat a lot man.

We sat there and chat for so long until my dad sms-ed me to come home early because i've been going out EVERYDAY since the day my finals end. Dammit, i bet he surely pissed off d because i went out straight for a few weeks and come home in the midnight. No wonder i feel that i hardly see my dad eventhough we lived under the same roof.

Ayah bangau...u must understand, ur daughther me, is on holidays. Smile lah...
And please, don't cut my allowance ler!!!

There's 2 motives for us to sit there to chat.

First is to enjoy the night life and the cool and windy weather on that day.
Secondly if course, for us to kap ppl. Bangau kapchais and kanina kap luis. That's it. So easy!

Sadly, i can only see uncles and MFai they all get to see malays only. How sad...

Btw, we saw a few prostitutes and aqua too! Not 'Aqua Heroes' la...I mean real aqua!

Finally left the place around 12 something and i reach my house almost 1am. Hardly come back so early if i were to go out yamcha wit frens.

I quietly open the door...hoped that i won't wake my dad up. After locking the door and turned around. @#$%^*% !!! my dad was standing behind me and he scare the shit out of me! Well, i thought he might scold because i promised him earlier that i'll come home early. But he didn't. He just asked me to lock the door properly, quickly bath and sleep.

=_='' I hope it's not a sign of tsunami!

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