Sunday, April 02, 2006

Practice makes Perfect!

The other day, Zixian, Manpreet and I was chatting with Reuben at the registry while waiting for Vivin to come, for our Psychology discussion. Due to the long hour of waiting, the 4 of us actually talked bout....X rated stuffs! Surprise surprise~ Never thought that conversation suits Zixian and Manpreet isn't it?

Well, Reuben were educating us about stuff like french kissing and how guys and girls get high. It was no doubt, an interesting topic to talk about and the useful knowledge as well. I told Reuben that i already knew most of it like how many 'ways' and 'how to', so, tell me something that i don't know.

That's when he makes me speechless! "Wan Yian ar, you only know the theories... u must actually experience it then only u said u know lor..."

Hm...pretty true actually. Come to think of it, most of the things need to practice then only you are good/expert at it. No point knowing the theories only. Everyone also know la lidet...

Good point.

For example, if you know the right ways to apply make-up but you never practice it. Then, do you think you can apply it as nice as people who don't know the right to apply make up but they practice it from time to time? It's all down to experience! Practice makes Perfect you see...

Actually, they are people who think that i shouldn't dress so beautifully or make up so prettily to college everyday because there's nothing special by the time you hangout with friends. People won't say things like, "Wah..U r so pretty today. So different from the way u dress in college". Admit it, i used to have such thinking! Then, when you see those girls with boyfriends college, you'll then start thinking 'how come they got and i don't have 1?'

HELLO!!! Wake up!!! Timmy's presentation says it all. First impression DOES matter! Do you think you can charm a dozen of guys with your pale looking face or your dressing like aunties next door? Therefore, if you are lazy to add a little colour to your face, you can atleast dress to charm/ dress to kill! Muahahaa... But, the same old advice i'll give to people(like what i did). Atleast apply some lipgloss or lipice(Recommended! That's what i usually use cuz it looked natural) on ur lip so that you don't look sick.

If you are like me, lazy to dress leng leng or make up leng leng to college because it was too early in the morning, apply something on your lips mai can d lor. So troublesome meh lidet? What i'm saying above is my advice to those girls who use make ups and are searching for a partner to be in a relationship. Don't get me wrong k...I don't mean everyone!

Sometimes, you just need to break those old kind of thinking. Some maybe are afraid that people might say they are vain. But, (Parental Advisory) who give a fuck to those bitches? If they do say anything, it'll be good critiques because you are looking pretty. Of course unless you go overboard and apply too heavy make up like ma lau si fatt la (monkey ass). Well, if you want, i can give you opinion on beauty tips eventhough i'm not an expert. But, i like to see my friends looking pretty! Now, you know why Manpreet got so many ppl going after la...

Another example is...erm, maybe driving? If you don't practice occasionally, how are you going to be good at that? Everyone also know which gear to put when you are going up or going down a slope ler. But, if you don't practice, u won't improve on your skills also what. Well, i admit i still need to brush up on my side and my L-parking because i seldom do parking. Again, practice makes Perfect you see...

Most of all, theories is important but practical test is even MORE important! Just like knowing all the music notes but u don't practice on a piano. What's the point ar? So, practice practice practice!!!

Enough leter here. It's time to continue with my Psycho work. Don't say i got no new entry k!

P/S-Happy April Fool everyone!!

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