Monday, March 13, 2006

YaMcHa FeVeR

Damn bored and i still don't have the mood to blog bout my Leadership Camp. It's too long! So, while waiting, maybe i should write some 'wuliao' entry to entertain myself.

People said u might be biten by the 'love bug' or whatever bugs u have in this world. However lately, i've been bitten by the 'yamcha bug'. I just love to go out and hangout with friends that i'm absolutely comfortable with and have a good laugh and long chat with them.

Of course, due to my curfew, i couldn't stay up until too late. I'm only allowed to come back latest by 2am. Or a little bit later should be fine. Usually, i only go out with my high school friends like SLing, HTeng, Chowe, XYuan they all. But now, my yamcha kaki had expended to my college friends!

Aiya...i mean i did go out with them to yamcha but not so often. Now, i'm going out to yamcha with them almost everyweek now. Muahahaa....Syiok! Best of all is, Jordan is willing to come over to pick me up! Thanks a bunch dude. Dangerous for a girl to drive alone at nite u see...

By every Thurs, Jordan, Takuma or MFai will come to me in college to ask where to go yamcha on the weekend. Aiyor, trying to explore the whole PJ meh? But, it was always fun to hangout with them. Kesian MFai always leaves early from his work just to yamcha with us.

Hm, let see. The latest yamcha we had was probably the best. Where we went out with MFai, Jordan, Takuma, Mei Hui or sumtin (Jordan & Takuma's friend), Adrian and Swee Boon. HEck, i don't know how to spell their names. DAmn funny as William, the mamak owner, refused to take our orders and we put all the blames on Jordan for having the IFP. Well, IFP stands for International Face Problem. William beh song him must be! Causes everyone to starve...

1 simple outing i get to know 2 new friend which is Mei Hui and Swee Boon. Swee Boon was more to the quiet type while Mei Hui was damn friendly and sporting! I love her man...Usual stuff we do which is chatting, laughing and cuci mata-ing around the place. Even Mei Hui got influenced by Takuma and me because she kap chai 2gether with us!

The best part is when we asked MFai what would guys do when they 'wet' themselves. (Don't ask me to elaborate la...*censored*) He was damn embaress but he did answered all our questions anyway. In return, he asked us how girls get 'high' and how do we feel when we get 'high'. =_=''' Really funny the way he asked though. So, Takuma, Mei Hui and I answered him because we don't mind at all.

Went home pretty early around 11sumtin because the night before i went out with my high school friends and came back around 2am. My dad didn't scold or nag at all! Surprised surprised...maybe because my friends fetch me back. It was last min outing as this friend of mine just came back from Melacca Hospital. He'll be goin back there again on Monday. So, only me, XYuan, Chowe, KWah, CKin and CTHo went. Thank goodness CTho went if not, i'll be the only girl. I may get 'wild' u see...muahahaha... Oh, not to forget XYuan's sister and her big big gang of friends as well! As u can guess, yes, the loudest table around.

Today saw Ben at college and he scolded me for not calling him out to yamcha! Well, the reason i gave was pretty acceptable though... I DON'T HAVE HIS HP NUMBER!! He quickly gave me his num and said "next round don't forget to call me ar!"
Yealar tai lou...mana berani don't call u =P But, i really thought Adrian would call him along!

Oh Teng, if you are reading this, bila go out yamcha with u? So long didn't go eat tong sui wit u and SLing d..Near my house got 1 shop eat tong sui..If not, ss2 oso can! Eh, don't ask me to go to Puchong to find u ar. U betta lay ur ass here man. Robin wanna catch a movie with us too. Flo also want to go out with us. So, WHEN R U FREE? Cut down on paktho la...Friends more important!

Takuma, maybe next round we should go for tong sui instead. Or Kajang satay la cuz uptown there got 1 shop selling Kajang satay. Oh...hungry now man! Next outing call BEn they all along.

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