Thursday, March 16, 2006

CaN't wAiT

Do u know? Nope, u don't know? Muahaha....I'll be going to see Lee Hom this sunday in Sunway Surf Beach! All thanks to Yoke Man for getting me tickets to see him. I might be more excited if i were to see FIR or Lin Jun Jie instead. But it's ok... I like to see lengchais anyway =P No more 'special service' like what i got when i went to see FIR last year because i don't plan to buy his original album just for his signature.

Time passes so quickly isn't it? I went to see Lee Hom at the same place LAST YEAR!! Can't believe another year had passed. Sigh~ Hopefully i'll enjoy myself very much this sunday like what i had a year ago.

I wish i could meet a lot of friends there so that i can keep myself occupied before Lee Hom arrive. I don't know who's going this year other than FYue, who is Lee Hom's die hard fans. Maybe i'll get some surprises on that day? Wanted to bring my camera along to take some pictures de but, with its * megapixels (ppl's cam now oso around 6-8 megapixels. Mine ar...haih~~ ), i don't think it will be clear enough because i know that i won't get to stand in the front row. Well, i don't want to go there so early! For what leh???

Instead, i'm looking forward to yamcha this Sunday with friends. Not so excited to see Lee Hom this time, maybe it's due to his new songs now. I don't really enjoy listening to his new album ler... U think it's nice ar? Macam too weird la.. =( I think Justin Lo's songs is even better! Bukankah?

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